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19851985 Amadeus Basin Aeromagnetic Survey - Hardcopy DataSydney Oil Company; Macquarie Oil; Placer Pacific; Seahawk Oil Australia; Zapata; Pan Pacific PetroleumPR0076-0001 
1988Report on Interpretation of Airborne Geophysical DataPardiPR0203-00012 files
19831983 McArthur River Gravity and Ground Magnetics Survey for Broadmere, Mantungula and St. Vidgeon ProspectsAmoco Australia PetroleumPR1983-00591 file
1987Magnetic Baseent Interpretation EP 3- Aeromagnetic Survey Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation Report-PR1987-00532 files
19891989 Georgina Aeromagnetic Survey - Digital DataPacific Oil and GasPR0202-00025 files
1964Interpretation Report of Airborne Magnetometer Survey over OP75Flamingo PetroleumPR1963-00102 files
19831982 Amadeus 2D Seismic Survey - Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation ReportsWeeks Australia; Phoenix Oil and GasPR1983-00356 files
1963Interpretation Report of Airborne Magnetometer Survey.Barkley Oil CompanyPR1963-00233 files
19891989 Georgina Aeromagnetic Survey - Hardcopy DataPacific Oil and GasPR0202-00016 files
19681963 Charlotte Waters Aeromagnetic Survey - Hardcopy DataExoilPR0179-00011 file