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1964A Reflection Seismograph Survey of The Hale River Floodout Area OP57Beach PetroleumPR1964-00203 files
1963Todd River Seismic Survey - Analogue DataFlamingo PetroleumPR1963-0051 
19621963 Alice Springs Seismic Survey - Supplemental Seismic Survey Report on the Area 'C'Magellan Petroleum; ExoilPR1962-00223 files
19671966 Cape Hay-Cape Ford Marine Seismic Survey - Final Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation ReportAssociated Australian Oil Field; Associated Continental Petroleum; Australia Aquitaine PetroleumPR1966-00122 files
19641964 Erldunda Seismic Survey - Acquisition, Processing & Interpretaion ReportExoilPR1964-00262 files
1964Hale River Floodout 2D SS 1964 - Analogue DataBeach PetroleumPR1963-0048 
1966Simpson Desert B Seismic Survey OP75 & Simpson Desert North Seismic Survey OP64 Part 1 - Field DataFlamingo Petroleum; Mercure International Petroleum; Amerada Petroleum CorporationPR1968-0017 
1965Kulgera Seismic Survey - Hardcopy DataExoil; TransoilPR0041-00011 file
19611961 Eromanga Airborne Gravity Survey OP36 - ReportAssociated Freney OilfieldsPR1961-00022 files
19631963 Amadeus Trough AMS - Interpretation Report of Airborne Magnetometer SurveyExoilPR1963-00121 file