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Title: 1964 Hale Area Seismic Survey - Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation Report
Title Holder / Company: Flamingo Petroleum
Report id: PR1964-0039
Tenure: OP75
Year: 1964
Corporate Author: Geophysical Associates
Abstract: Geophysical Associates Pty Ltd carried out the 1964 Hale Area Seismic Survey for Flamingo Petroleum Pty Ltd in OP75. The programme was assigned to provide qualitative and quantitative information on the depth and distribution of sediments in OP75, and to investigate anomalies indicated by previous seismic and aeromagnetic surveys.
Seismic Interpretation has revealed a 15000 ft depth of basin in the south-east corner of the permit. Unconformities are present at the Cretaceous and possibly at the Jurassic, Triasssic contact with Permian. No Structure of significant interest to warrant deep testing was located however an anomalous area was noted on line between shot points 138 and 163. Further programming in the south east corner was recommended
Document Type: Seismic Acquisition
Seismic Processing
Seismic Interpretation
Date Added: 23-Mar-2017
Appears in Collections:Petroleum Geophysical Surveys (PEX Geophysics)

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