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1964Anacoora Bore Gravity Survey 1963 Acquistion, Processing & Interpretation ReportBeach PetroleumPR1964-00192 files
19641964 Dakota Bore Gravity Survey - Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation ReportBeach PetroleumPR1965-00274 files
19641964 Napperby Seismic and Gravity Survey - Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation Reports & MapsPacific American Oil CompanyPR1965-00053 files
1988Logistics report for a Gravity Survey conducted near Bundey River NTPacific Oil and GasPR1988-01041 file
19741974 Gardiner Range Gravity Survey - Final Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation ReportMagellan PetroleumPR1974-00134 files
19611961 Amadeus Ground Gravity Survey - Geological Report (Including acquisition & Interpretation)Magellan PetroleumPR1962-00018 files
2012Beetaloo Complete Bouguer and Observed Gravity dataFalcon Oil & Gas Australia; HessPR0180-00011 file
1955Keep River Area Ground Gravity and Magnetics Survey - Geological and Geophysical ReportAssociated Australian Oilfields NL; Westralian Oil; Mines Administration Pty LtdPR1954-00021 file
20132013 Bonaparte Airborne Gravity and Magentic Survey - Digital DataBeach EnergyPR2013-00082 files
19811980 BNT80 Bonaparte Seismic & Gravity Survey - Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation ReportsAustralian Aquitaine Petroleum; Alliance Petroleum International; VamgasPR1981-00117 files