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Title: 1965 Missionary Plain and 1966 Mount Rennie - Ooraminna Seismic and Gravity Survey - Combined Acquisition, & Interpretation Reports
Title Holder / Company: Magellan Petroleum
Report ID: PR1967-0012
Tenure: OP56;  OP43
Year: 1967
Corporate Author: Magellan Petroleumn
Geophysical Associates
Survey Name: Mt Reenie-Ooraminna 2D SS 1966
Missionary Plain 2D SS 1965
Survey Lines: 0-4(S);  0-4.3xA;  0-4.6xA;  0-4xA;  0-4xB;  0-4xC;  0-5;  0-6;  0-6.7;  0-6.8;  0-6xB;  0-7;  0-7.2;  0-7.3;  0-7.3xA;  0-7xA;  0-7xB;  0-7xC;  0-7xD;  0-A;  0-Ax2;  0-Ax2.1;  0-B;  0-C;  1-3xA;  1-6.5;  1-7;  1-7.5;  1-7xA;  1-7xB;  1-7xC;  1-7xD;  1-D;  1-F;  2-2.7;  2-3;  2-3.1;  2-3.7;  2-3xA;  2-5.6;  2-5.6xA;  2-5.6xB;  2-5.6xC;  2-5.7;  2-5.9;  2-5.95;  2-7;  2-F;  2-G;  3-0.2;  3-0.6;  3-1.2;  3-1.5;  3-1.7;  3-1xA;  3-1xB;  3-1xB.5;  3-1xD;  3-2xC;  3-2xD;  3-3N;  3-3NxB;  3-3NxC;  3-3S;  3-3SxA;  3-3SxB;  3-5xA;  3-5xB;  3-9;  3-A;  3-D;  3-E;  3-F;  3-G;  4-1;  5-1;  6-1;  7-1;  7-2;  9-1xA;  9-1xB;  9-A
Geological Province: Amadeus Basin
Map250: Kulgera SG5305
Rodinga SG5302
Lake Amadeus SG5204
Henbury SG5301
Alice Springs SF5314
Hermannsburg SF5313
Bloods Range SG5203
Mount Liebig SF5216
Mount Rennie SF5215
Subject: Acquisition logistics
Acquisition operations
Depth structure maps
Field data
Infield data processing and QC
Horizon maps
Isochron maps
Line listings
Line diagrams
Surveys operations
Navigation data
Velocity analysis
Gravity data acquisition
Gravity data interpretation
Gravity interpretation results
Abstract: Magellan Petroleum (NT) Pty Ltd conducted an integrated program of seismic gravity and surface geological work over the Missionary Plain Tract of Oil Permits 43 and 56 in the Amadeus Basin, NT The survey was carried out in 2 phases: Missionary Plain survey from 01/06/1965 to 27/11/1965, and the Mount Rennie-Ooraminna survey from 18/02/1966 to 19/12/1966. The Mt. Reenie - Ooraminna Seismic program was able to obtain 1062.6km of seismic coverage including 16.1km of common depth point shooting, 5507 gravity stations and surface geologic ties at 15 different sites.
Document Type: Seismic Acquisition
Seismic Interpretation
Gravity Survey
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