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YearTitleTitle Holder/CompanyReport idPreviewDownload
2018Walker Creek Processing DataMosman Oil & Gas; Synterra TechnologiesPR2024-G0022 files
2018Walker Creek Processing ReportMosman Oil & Gas; Synterra TechnologiesPR2020-G0012 files
20172017 Ooraminna 2D Seismic Survey Interpretation ReportCentral PetroleumPR2018-G0021 file
2019Reprocessing 2D - Pre-STM Final Reprocessing Report - Digital DataFalcon Oil & Gas Australia; Origin EnergyPR2021-G005 
2019Reprocessing 2D - Pre-STM Final Reprocessing ReportOrigin Energy; Falcon Oil & Gas AustraliaPR2021-G004 
2017Marmbulligan 1 Interpreted Well Completion ReportSantosPR2017-W0083 files
2017Flying Fox Creek 1 Interpreted Well Completion ReportSantosPR2017-W0062 files
2017Amungee NW-1H (Drilling, Re-entry and stimulation) Well Completion ReportOrigin Energy ResourcesPR2017-W0038 files
2017Mountain Valley 1 Interpreted Well Completion ReportSantosPR2017-W0073 files
2016Beetaloo W-1 Interpretative Well Completion ReportOrigin Energy ResourcesPR2017-W0098 files
2015EP161 Technicial StudiesSantos QNT; Tamboran (Beetaloo)PR2015-A1041 file
2010EP112 and EP118 Technicial and Geological ReportsFrontier Oil and Gas; Central PetroleumPR2010-01037 files
2016Preliminary Ecological Assessment ReportImperial Oil and GasPR2016-A0441 file
2016Organic and inorganic characterisation of Tawallah Group sediments, McArthur Basin, NTArmour EnergyPR2016-A0241 file
2015Environmental ReportsPangaea (NT)PR2018-A0102 files
2015Ngalia Basin: Source Rock Correlations with the Amadeus and Georgina BasinsTamboran ResourcesPR2015-00511 file
2014Review of upper McArthur Group Stratigraphy in the Glyde Sub-basin and Correlation with Modern Geophysical and Geochemical DataArmour EnergyPR2014-00831 file
2012Petrophysics Report - EP153, EP154, EP144Hancock Exploration Management ServicesPR2016-A0051 file
2011Ooraminna 2 Well LogsCentral PetroleumPR2022-W00517 files
20182015 Avago 2D Seismic Survey - Interpretation ReportPangaea Resources; EMG Northern Territory HoldingsPR2018-G0033 files
2016Hodgson Downs EPs 153 and 154 Northern Territory, Revised GeologyJacaranda Minerals; Minerals Australia; Hancock ExplorationPR2016-G0101 file
2016Final Well Completion Report NT - EP167 Wyworrie 1Pangaea ResourcesPR2016-W0259 files
2016Final Well Completion Report NT EP168 Tarlee 2Pangaea ResourcesPR2016-W0184 files
2016Kalala S-1 Well Completion ReportOrigin Energy ResourcesPR2017-W0052 files
2015Amungee NW-1 Well Completion ReportOrigin Energy ResourcesPR2016-W0196 files
2014Geological Report : Blue Energy (WISO) Ltd NT EP's 200, 205 and 207Blue Energy; Wiso OilPR2014-A0461 file
2012Papers presented on the Amadeus Basin at the central Australia Basin Symposium (CABS-III) relating to EP107Merlin Energy; Petroleum Exploration AustraliaPR2012-A0375 files
2014Inversion modelling of magnetic and gravity data over the Wiso/Birrindudu basins, Northern Territory : Interim report on inversion modellingBlue Energy; Wiso OilPR2014-A0451 file
2012Reports associated with EP107 Permit Year 4 Annual Report 2012Merlin Energy; Petroleum Exploration AustraliaPR2012-A0386 files
2012Petrophysical Analysis Report : Beachcomber 1, Peoppels Corner 1, and Thomas 1 Wells Poolawanna and Peera Peera Formations, Northern Territory, AustraliaTamboran ResourcesPR2012-00301 file
2012A Review of Hydrocarbon Habitat in the Lower Cretaceous of the Simpson Desert AreaRawson Resources; Central PetroleumPR2012-A0271 file
2012The Hydrocarbon Potential of the Birrindudu and Victoria Basins, onshore Northern TerritoryWiso OilPR2014-A0931 file
2011EP163 Annual Report - Year 1 (14 May 2010 to 13 May 2011)Tamboran ResourcesPR2012-00091 file
2013The Hydrocarbon Potential of the unexplored Wiso Basin, onshore Northern Territory, Australia - A PresentationWiso OilPR2014-00311 file
2013Annual Activity and expenditure Report for the Period: 29 June 2012 to 28 June 2013Armour EnergyPR2013-00117 files
2010Bejah Prospect - A Drillable Poolowanna Fm TargetRawson Resources; Central PetroleumPR2010-A1621 file
2019Dukas 1/Dukas 1 ST1 Basic Well Completion ReportSantos; Frontier Oil and GasPR2020-W00211 files
2016Final Well Completion Report NT EP167 Birdum Creek 1Pangaea ResourcesPR2016-W0248 files
2016Final Well Completion Report NT EP168 - Tarlee 1Pangaea ResourcesPR2016-W0237 files
2018Palm Valley 13 Well Completion Report (Basic)Central PetroleumPR2019-W0018 files
2018West Mereenie 26 Well Completion Report (Basic)Central PetroleumPR2018-W0018 files
2018Seismic Data Reprocessing Final ReportCentral PetroleumPR2019-G0013 files
2018AMSAN16 Seismic Survey 2016 Southern Amadeus 2D Seismic Survey Acquisition and Gravity Survey Acquisition and Processing ReportHelium Australia; Santos QNTPR2018-G0042 files
20112011 Pedirka Basin 2D Seismic Survey - Digital DataTri Star EnergyPR0102-00016 files
20112011 Pedirka Basin 2D Seismic Survey - Acquisition and Processing ReportTri Star EnergyPR2011-01193 files
2018AMSAN16 Seismic Survey 2016 Southern Amadeus 2D Seismic and Gravity Survey - Digital DataSantos QNT; Helium AustraliaPR2018-G005 
2012Notification of Discovery - Surprise-1 Re-entry HCentral PetroleumPR2012-W0431 file
2012Updated Report of Discovery of 'Glyde 1 Gas Accumulation' within EP 171 based on Glyde #1 & Glyde #1 ST1 WellsArmour EnergyPR2012-W0421 file
2014Mt Kitty 1 Discovery Assessment Report - Results of Evaluation of the Discovery and Preliminary Estimate of Petroleum In PlaceSantosPR2015-W1041 file
2012Updated Report of Discovery of gas at Cow Lagoon #1 within EP 176Armour EnergyPR2012-W0251 file
Results 1-50 of 205 (Search time: 0.004 seconds).