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Title: Reports associated with EP107 Permit Year 4 Annual Report 2012
Title Holder / Company: Merlin Energy
Petroleum Exploration Australia
Report ID: PR2012-A038
Tenure: EP107
Year: 2012
Corporate Author: Merlin Energy
Geological Province: Amadeus Basin
Map250: Hale River SG5303
McDills SG5307
Map100: Day 5948
Poodinitterra 6048
Nuckua 6047
Andado 5947
Abstract: Reports associated with EP107 Permit Year 4 Annual Report 2012
Papers listed:
A Devonian Rimmed Carbonate Platform Complex and Barrier Reef Complex underlies the Pedirka basin in the Simpson Desert, CTP Internal Report.
Devonian Prospectivity on the Hallows Trend and the northern Adado Shelf, CTP Technical Note.
Review of the hydrocarbon potential of PEL77A and surrounds, CTP Internal Report.
The Geology of the Permian coal sequence (Purni Formation) in the Pedirka Basin, CTP Internal Report
Appears in Collections:Petroleum and Geothermal Tenure Reports (PEX Tenure)

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