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20172017 Ooraminna 2D Seismic Survey Interpretation ReportCentral PetroleumPR2018-G0021 file
19921990 Wallara, Tempe Downs Seismic Survey - Digital DataIndigo Oil; Sirgo ExplorationPR0060-G0023 files
19911971 Palm Valley Seismic Survey - Digital DataMagellan PetroleumPR0058-G0013 files
20211985 Wallara Ranch Seismic Survey - Digital DataSydney OilPR0070-G0023 files
2018Seismic Data Reprocessing Final ReportCentral PetroleumPR2019-G0013 files
2018AMSAN16 Seismic Survey 2016 Southern Amadeus 2D Seismic Survey Acquisition and Gravity Survey Acquisition and Processing ReportHelium Australia; Santos QNTPR2018-G0042 files
2018AMSAN16 Seismic Survey 2016 Southern Amadeus 2D Seismic and Gravity Survey - Digital DataSantos QNT; Helium AustraliaPR2018-G005 
2017Airborne Geophyiscal Survey Operations Report - Alice SpringsOilco; Mosman Oil and GasPR2017-G0023 files
1983Noise Study and Experimental Work - West Dingo AreaPancontinental PetroleumPR1983-00181 file
1996Palm Valley 1994 Seismic Survey - Interpretation reportMagellan PetroleumPR1996-00882 files
2002Processing and Analysis of Aeromagnetic Survey Data over part of the Amadeus Basin Northern Territory Australia Palm Valley: OL3 Pilot study - Phase 1Magellan PetroleumPR2002-0105 
19941994 Mereenie Field (OL4-OL5) - Seismic Interpretation ReportSantosPR1994-00232 files
2002Interpretation Report Palm Valley field incorporating 2002 seismic reprocessingMagellan PetroleumPR2003-00021 file
-Mereenie Seismic Survey Reprocessed LinesMagellan PetroleumPR2012-00312 files
2003Supplementary interpretation report Palm Valley field incorporating 2002 seismic reprocessing-PR2003-00211 file
20132013 Amadeus Seismic Survey (AMSAN13 & AMSAN13B) Seismic Interpretation ReportSantos; Central PetroleumPR2014-00783 files
20172017 Ooraminna 2D Reprocessing, Permits RL3 & RL4, Northern TerritoryCentral PetroleumPR2018-G0016 files
1981Airborne Hydrocarbon Gas Survey and Soil Gas SurveyPancontinental PetroleumPR1982-00201 file
1968Simpson Desert Gravity SurveyBeach PetroleumPR1968-0009 
20152012 Surprise 3D Seismic Survey Interpretation ReportCentral PetroleumPR2015-00311 file
1964West Mereenie Seismic Survey 1964 - Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation ReportMagellan PetroleumPR1964-00292 files
19621963 Alice Springs Seismic Survey - Supplemental Seismic Survey Report on the Area 'C'Magellan Petroleum; ExoilPR1962-00223 files
1965Kulgera Seismic Survey - Analogue DataExoil; TransoilPR1964-0055 
19641964 Mt Charlotte Seismic Survey - Hardcopy DataFinke OilPR0084-00012 files
19891989/90 Reprocessing of the 1982 Amadeus 2D Seismic Survey - Digital DataWeeks Australia; Phoenix Oil and GasPR0044-00014 files
19831982 Amadeus 2D Seismic Survey - Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation ReportsWeeks Australia; Phoenix Oil and GasPR1983-00356 files
19831984 Amadeus 2D Seismic Survey - Hardcopy DataPancontinental PetroleumPR1983-01271 file
1986Gosses Bluff Reprocessing Report 1986Magellan PetroleumPR1986-00572 files
1983Camel Flat 2D Seismic Survey - Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation ReportsCoastal Carribean Oils & Minerals; Magellan PetroleumPR1983-00017 files
-1982 Mereenie Seismic Survey - Digital DataMagellan Petroleum; United Canso Oil and GasPR0046-00024 files
19611961 Amadeus Ground Gravity Survey - Geological Report (Including acquisition & Interpretation)Magellan PetroleumPR1962-00018 files
19831983 Mereenie Seismic Survey - Hardcopy DataMagellan PetroleumPR0050-00011 file
2012Surprise 3D Seismic Survey 2012Central PetroleumPR2013-00325 files
1982Curtin Springs Aeromagnetic Survey 1982 - Interpretation ReportWeeks Australia; Phoenix Oil and GasPR1983-00343 files
2014AMSAN13 NW Mereenie 2D Seismic Survey - Field DataSantos; Central Petroleum; Frontier Oil and GasPR2014-0093 
19961994 Palm Valley Seismic Survey - Seismic Acquisition ReportMagellan PetroleumPR1996-00022 files
1984A Review of Seismic Data Processing Parameters in the Amadeus Basin-PR1984-00591 file
-Seismic Reinterpretation of the Orange Structure - Hardcopy DataPancontinental PetroleumPR0077-00032 files
19741973-1974 Central Amadeus Seismic Survey - Final Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation ReportsMagellan PetroleumPR1974-00235 files
1961Gravity Meter Survey OP 43 - Alice Springs Area - Gravity Survey Acquisition & Interpretation ReportMagellan PetroleumPR1961-00041 file
-1965 Finke River Seismic Survey - Hardcopy DataFinke OilPR0087-00013 files
19721971 Seymour Range Seismic Survey OP175 - Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation ReportMagellan PetroleumPR1971-00032 files
19641964 Mt Charlotte Seismic Survey - Seismic Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation ReportFinke OilPR1964-00312 files
19841984 Amadeus Seismic Survey - Seismic Acquisition and Processing ReportsPancontinental PetroleumPR1983-001410 files
19901989 Amadeus Seismic Survey (Parrarra) - Seismic Acquisition & Processing ReportPacific Oil and GasPR1990-00923 files
-Camel Flat 2D Seismic Survey 1981 - Digital DataCoastal Carribean Oils & Minerals; Magellan PetroleumPR0083-00023 files
20092008 Stones Plains Gravity Survey - Digital DataFrontier Oil & Gas; Central PetroleumPR0162-00011 file
19641964 Erldunda Seismic Survey - Acquisition, Processing & Interpretaion ReportExoilPR1964-00262 files
2008Johnstone Seismic Reprocessing 2008 - (Johnstone 2D 1981 & 1982) - Interpretive ReportCentral PetroleumPR2011-0006 
19911991 Amadeus Basin Seismic Survey - Depot Hill Reports (EP26, EP38) - Seismic Acquisition ReportPacific Oil and GasPR1992-00525 files
Results 1-50 of 164 (Search time: 0.004 seconds).