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Title: 2013 Amadeus Seismic Survey (AMSAN13 & AMSAN13B) Seismic Interpretation Report
Title Holder / Company: Santos
Central Petroleum
Report ID: PR2014-0078
Tenure: EP82;  EP105;  EP106;  EP107;  EP112;  EP125;  RL2;  EP115;  OL4;  OL5
Year: 2013
Corporate Author: Santos QNT Pty Ltd
Petroleum Field: Mereenie
Survey Name: AMSAN13 NW Mereenie 2D SS 2013
AMSAN13B Southern Amadeus Basin 2D SS 2013
Survey Lines: AMSAN13B-01;  AMSAN13B-02;  AMSAN13B-03;  AMSAN13B-04;  AMSAN13B-06;  AMSAN13B-07;  AMSAN13B-08;  AMSAN13B-09;  AMSAN13B-10;  AMSAN13B-11;  AMSAN13B-12;  AMSAN13B-13;  AMSAN13B-14;  AMSAN13B-15;  AMSAN13-01;  AMSAN13-02;  AMSAN13-03;  AMSAN13-04;  AMSAN13-05;  AMSAN13-07;  AMSAN13-08;  AMSAN13-09;  AMSAN13-10;  AMSAN13-11;  AMSAN13-30;  AMSAN13-12;  AMSAN13-14;  AMSAN13-15;  AMSAN13-16;  AMSAN13-17;  AMSAN13-18;  AMSAN13-19;  AMSAN13-20;  AMSAN13-21;  AMSAN13-22;  AMSAN13-23;  AMSAN13-24;  AMSAN13-25;  AMSAN13-26;  AMSAN13-27;  AMSAN13-28;  AMSAN13-29
Geological Province: Amadeus Basin
Map250: Finke SG5306
Henbury SG5301
Kulgera SG5305
Hale River SG5303
McDills SG5307
Rodinga SG5302
Subject: Depth conversion
Interpreted seismic sections
Isochron maps
Well ties
Time structure maps
Seismic stratigraphy
Processed seismic lines
Abstract: The 2013 AMSAN13 & AMSAN13B Amadeus Seismic Survey consist of a total of new 43 seismic lines with a total distance of 1972km. This acquisition was situated in the NW Mereenie Block (which is located within EP115 North Mereenie, OL4 & OL5) and also the Southern Amadeus Basin (located within EP82, EP105, EP106, EP107, EP112, EP125 & RL2 (currently operated by Magellan Petroleum)). The objectives of the 2013 Seismic Survey was to provide a regional structural and stratigraphic framework in areas with little or no existing seismic data, as well as to mature leads to drill ready in areas with existing seismic coverage.
Document Type: Seismic Interpretation
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