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Title: 1994 Mereenie Field (OL4-OL5) - Seismic Interpretation Report
Title Holder / Company: Santos
Report ID: PR1994-0023
Tenure: OL4;  OL5
Year: 1994
Corporate Author: Santos Australia
Survey Name: Mereenie 2D SS 1983
Mereenie 2D SS 1982
West Mereenie 2D SS 1988
Survey Lines: 1982 Mereenie Seismic Survey:;  M82-1 A;  M82-1 B;  M82-2;  M82-3;  M82-4;  M82-5;  M82-6;  M82-7;  M82-8;  M82-9;  M82-10;  M82-11;  M82-12;  M82-13;  M82-14;  M82-15;  M82-16;  M82-18;  M82-20;  M82-22;  M82-24;  1983 Mereenie Seismic Survey:;  M83-01;  M83-02;  M83-03;  M83-04;  M83-05;  M83-06;  M83-07;  M83-08;  M83-09;  M83-10;  M83-11;  M83-12;  M83-13;  M83-14;  M83-14N;  M83-14S;  M83-14X;  M83-15;  M83-16;  M83-17;  M83-18;  M83-19;  M83-20;  M83-20X;  M83-21;  M83-22;  M83-23;  M83-24;  M83-25;  1987-88 West Mereenie Seismic Survey:;  M87-01;  M87-02;  M87-03;  M87-04;  M87-05;  M87-06;  M87-08;  M87-09;  M87-10;  M87-11;  M87-12;  M87-13;  M87-14;  M87-15;  M87-16
Geological Province: Amadeus Basin
Map250: Lake Amadeus SG5204
Mount Liebig SF5216
Subject: Depth structure maps
Horizon maps
Interpretation results
Interpreted seismic sections
Isochron maps
Isopach maps
Seismic stratigraphy
Time structure maps
Well ties
Abstract: A seismic reinterpretation of the Mereenie Field has been undertaken to provide a comprehensive review and remap of the field. The primary objective was to establish a depth conversion method to reconcile seismic and well dips along the flanks (oil rim) of the Mereenie anticline. Recent dipmeter results indicate that dips based on previous seismic maps were too steep, resulting in predicted oil rim widths that were too narrow. The current study has provided an improved time picking capability and assured a proper phase match of the different seismic vintages.
Document Type: Seismic Interpretation
Appears in Collections:Petroleum Geophysical Surveys (PEX Geophysics)

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