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20231968 Keep River Seismic Survey - Digital DataWestralian OilPR0114-G0022 files
2022Kulshill Log Data - Digital DataAssociated Australian Oil FieldPR2022-W02417 files
1999Report of findings Gore-Sorber Exploration Survey Revision 1 (1999) onshore Bonaparte Basin, Northern Territory, AustraliaGreat Southern OilPR1999-02051 file
2022Sunbird-1 Log DataTeikoku OilPR2022-W0161 file
2021Kingfisher 1 Log DataTeikoku OilPR2022-W01310 files
2022Moyle 1 Log DataAssociated Australian Oil FieldPR2022-W0149 files
1966Kulshill 2 Log DataAssociated Australian Oil FieldPR2022-W0091 file
1969Keep River 1 Log DataAustralian AquitainePR2022-W0081 file
1983Weaber 1 Well LogsAustralian AquitainePR2022-W0064 files
2002Year 1 Technical Review of Geology, Geophysics and Production TestingAmity Oil; Bonaparte Gulf Oil and Gas; Frontier BonapartePR2002-00755 files
1966Aquitaine Kulshill No.1 - Authority to Prospect OP.2 Northern Territory Well Completion ReportAssociated Australian Oil FieldPR1966-W0442 files
1980Sedimentological study of the Ningbing limestones (Upper Devonian) in Aquitaine Keep River No. 1 (from 11700' to 15623') - Comparisons with the outcrops of the Ningbing Range and Lennard Shelf (WA)Australian AquitainePR1980-W0302 files
1981Bonaparte 2 (Australia) - Optical and geochemical study of the organic matter (1500-6000') and Comparison with Lesueur 1, Keep River 1 and Mining Exploration Bore HolesAustralian Aquitaine PetroleumPR1982-00081 file
1963Final Report on Anson Bay Aeromagnetic Survey-PR1963-0045 
1959Preliminary notes on Aeromagnetic Survey Permit 2Associated Australian Oilfields NL; Westralian Oil; Mines AdministrationPR1959-00022 files
1990The Drilling and Testing of the Weaber Gasfield Bonaparte Basin, Northern Territory AustraliaAmity OilPR2001-0003 
1990Weaber Field: Gas in Place ReportSantosPR1992-00174 files
1990The petroleum potential of the onshore Bonaparte Basin - EP126 - WA and EP31 - NTComada EnergyPR1991-01201 file
1963Application for Subsidy Seismic Reflection Survey-PR1963-0041 
1958Petroleum Prospects of Bonaparte Gulf Basin: North West AustraliaWestralian OilPR1958-00021 file
1967An Attempt at the Geological Interpretation of the South and South East Port of the Bonaparte Gulf BasinAustralian Aquitaine PetroleumPR1967-00212 files
1979Overview of OP186 exploration results and proposed 1986 geological field workSantosPR1986-00345 files
1984Review of Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential for OP186 Onshore Bonaparte Basin-PR1984-0033 
1979Petroleum Geology of the Onshore Bonaparte BasinAustralian Aquitaine PetroleumPR1981-00251 file
1967Hydrographic survey and seabed investigation, Timor SeaAssociated Australian Oil Fields; Mines AdministrationPR1967-0008 
1971Review of exploration results and petroleum potential in the, NTP 17 and OP 162 permits (Northwestern Australia)Australian Aquitaine PetroleumPR1971-00212 files
1956Report of the Keep River Party 1956Australian Aquitaine PetroleumPR1956-00021 file
1986Landsat Interpretation over EP3, Onshore Bonaparte Basin, NTBarbara InvestmentsPR1986-00131 file
1954Report on Trip to Bullo River-PR1954-A0011 file
1956Report on Exploration and GeologyWestralian OilPR1956-00092 files
1987The Hydrocarbon Potential of EP3, South East Bonaparte Basin, NTBarbara InvestmentsPR1987-00368 files
1956Geology of Victoria River Area, Northern TerritoryAssociated Freney OilfieldsPR1956-00032 files
1994Exploration Drilling, EP32 and EP57, Joseph Bonaparte Gulf, Northern Territory - Environmental Review ReportTeikoku OilPR1994-00601 file
1959Gravity and Geological Investigations North of the Moyle River : Port Keats Area, Northern TerritoryAssociated Australian Oil FieldsPR1959-00012 files
1948Report on geology and oil possibilities of the Bonaparte Gulf basin-PR1948-A0013 files
1986Feasibility of Marine Seismic Investigations, Joseph Bonaparte Gulf, NT, Environmental ConsiderationsBarbara InvestmentsPR1986-00411 file
1955Report on the Southern Portion of Westralian Oil Limited's permit area, Bonaparte Gulf BasinWestralian OilPR1955-00022 files
1992Reprocessed Moyle River Gravity Survey-PR1992-0115 
1992Farm-In Opportunity for EP126 (WA), EP352 (WA) and EP31 (NT), Bonaparte BasinComada EnergyPR1991-01211 file
1956The prospects of commercial oil on Bathurst and Melville Island, Northern TerritorySantos AustraliaPR1956-00061 file
1990Onshore Bonaparte Basin 1989 Field Mapping ProjectComada EnergyPR1992-01411 file
1956Geological reconnaissance of Bathurst and Melville IslandsSantosPR1956-00051 file
1960Interpretation of geoseismic survey, 1960Westralian OilPR1960-0007PR19600007_Figure02.jpg.jpg3 files
1964Shallow Core Drilling Report, (No.1) Sugarloaf MissionAustralian Aquitaine PetroleumPR1964-00131 file
1993Final Report on the Geology of Northern Territory - EP31Comada EnergyPR1994-00011 file
1958Progress geological report, permit no. 3, Bonaparte Gulf BasinWestralian OilPR1958-00032 files
1979Onshore Bonaparte Gulf Basin Surface and Subsurface mapping of Southern Part of the OP 186, Northern TerritorySantosPR1987-00121 file
1955Reports on plane-tabled areas in Bonaparte Permit 3 NTWestralian OilPR1957-00042 files
2015Cullen 1 Well Completion ReportBeach EnergyPR2015-00222 files
19961995 Sandy Creek Seismic Survey - Hardcopy DataAmity OilPR1996-01103 files
Results 1-50 of 199 (Search time: 0.006 seconds).