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Title: Kingfisher 1 Log Data
Title Holder / Company: Teikoku Oil
Report id: PR2022-W013
Tenure: EP57
Year: 2021
Corporate Author: AVANTIX
Drillhole/Well Name: Kingfisher 1
Rig release date: 14/08/1994
NOTEThis well is in Coastal Waters.
Document Type: Well Logs
Date Added: 11-Jul-2022
Appears in Collections:Petroleum Wells (PEX Wells)

Files in this Report:
File SizeFormat Add to
KF1_DLL-MSFL-AS-GR-AMS-SP-Suite2-Run1.LAS9.45 MBUnknown Add
KF1_DLL-MSFL-AS-GR-AMS-SP-Suite3-Run1.LAS18.48 MBUnknown Add
KF1_DLL-MSFL-GR-AS-AMS-SP-Suite2-Run1.LAS9.45 MBUnknown Add
KF1_HP-RFT-GR-AMS-Suite2-Run4.LAS109.57 kBUnknown Add
KF1_LDL-CNL-NGS-AMS-Suite2-Run2.LAS7.44 MBUnknown Add
KF1_LDL-CNL-NGS-AMS-Suite3-Run4.LAS12.55 MBUnknown Add
KF1_SHDT-GR-AMS-Suite2-Run2.LAS7.45 MBUnknown Add
KF1_SHDT-GR-AMS-Suite3-Run3.LAS10.94 MBUnknown Add
KF1_SHDT-GR-Suite1-Run1.LAS6.96 MBUnknown Add

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