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YearTitleTitle Holder/CompanyReport idPreviewDownload
2012Partial relinquishment report for EL 26310 Glasshouse 8, for the period 8 April 2008 to 27 June 2012Australis ExplorationCR2012-04293 files
2012Partial relinquishment report, Playford River EL 27665Natural Resources ExplorationCR2012-07632 files
2013Partial relinquishment report for the period ended August 2013Phosphate AustraliaCR2013-07491 file
2012Partial relinquishment report, Black Plain EL 27666Natural Resources ExplorationCR2012-07672 files
2012Partial surrender report 18 January 2010 to 17 January 2012Northern MineralsCR2012-00501 file
2011Annual report for EL 26693 Barkly, for the period ending 23 October 2011Geotech InternationalCR2011-08661 file
2011Partial surrender report EL 27198 for the period 17 September 2009 to 16 September 2011Vale Australia EACR2011-09843 files
2010Combined annual exploration report for the period ending 26 October 2010Vale Australia EACR2010-075011 files
2011Partial relinquishment report for EL 26693 Barkly for the period ending 23 October 2011Geotech InternationalCR2011-10873 files
2011Combined annual report for the period 1 February 2010 to 31 January 2011Northern MineralsCR2011-00241 file
2011Partial surrender report EL 27200 for the period 26 October 2009 to 25 October 2011Vale Australia EACR2011-09863 files
2013Glasshouse Project, Partial relinquishment report for EL 26310 Glasshouse 8, for the period 8 April 2008 to 7 April 2013Australis ExplorationCR2013-04622 files
2012Combined annual report for the period 1 February 2011 to 31 January 2012Northern MineralsCR2012-01081 file
2011Partial surrender report EL 27197 for the period 26 October 2009 to 25 October 2011Vale Australia EACR2011-09872 files
2012Annual report for EL 26693 Barkly, for the period ending 23 October 2012Geotech InternationalCR2012-10021 file
2010Epenarra Project, Annual report for the period 6 February 2009 to 5 February 2010, EL 26818Northern UraniumCR2010-00521 file
2009Surrender report for EL 26766South Boulder MinesCR2009-10441 file
2009Partial relinquishment report for EL 25600 for the period ended August 2009Phosphate AustraliaCR2009-08191 file
2009Annual report for the period ending 23 October 2009Geotech InternationalCR2009-08661 file
2010Final annual and surrender report on EL 26038, for period ending 8 February 2010St BarbaraCR2010-00572 files
2009EL 26038 Annual Report for period ending 6 February 2009St BarbaraCR2009-00562 files
2009Final report for EL 25871Sandstone UraniumCR2009-03641 file
2009Final report for EL 25723 Alroy for the period 19 September 2007 to 18 September 2009United OrogenCR2009-07562 files
19711971 Reports on AP 1874 Alroy` AreaContinental Oil Company of AustraliaCR1971-01921 file
2008Annual report (final report) for EL 25871, period ending 30 October 2008Sandstone UraniumCR2008-08992 files
2009Relinquishment report for EL 23726, for the period 1 August 2003 to 31 July 2009, 801 ProjectJacaranda Minerals; Minerals AustraliaCR2009-07491 file
2009EL 26036 Annual report for period ending 24 February 2009St BarbaraCR2009-00572 files
2008Year 1 annual technical report for EL 25723 AlroyUranium Oil and GasCR2008-05713 files
1985Annual report on exploration EL 4349, 06-12-1983 to 05-12-1984Aberfoyle Resources; Ashton Mining; AOG MineralsCR1985-00241 file
1984Annual report EL 3537, Gosse River, Northern Territory year ending 13-06-1984CRA ExplorationCR1984-01441 file
1979Annual report, EL 1184 Alroy, year ending 28-12-1978Australian Ores and Minerals; CRA ExplorationCR1979-00621 file
2005Dalmore-Epenarra Project, Final Report 10 December 2003 to 18 November 2004Asian MineralsCR2005-01701 file
1968Progress report No 1 1968, AP 1874 and 2081, including drilling operations for phosphateContinental Oil Company of AustraliaCR1968-00161 file
1989Annual report EL 4968, period ending 27 June 1989 Alexandria StationNorthern CementCR1989-06161 file
2003Partial relinquishment report, EL 22168 'Wonarah', for the period ending 3 August 2003AKDCR2003-03894 files
19681968 Annual Report Wonarah AP 2161IMC DevelopmentCR1968-00321 file
1990Final report for EL 4968, NTNorthern CementCR1990-04201 file
1969Progress report on APs 1766, 2159, 2160, 2161, in the Alexandria regionIMC DevelopmentCR1969-00221 file
2006Report on areas relinquished for EL 23726, 1 August 2006Conarco Minerals; WJ Fraser and AssociatesCR2006-04291 file
19802nd Annual report on EL 1083 Alroy and Ranken EL 1084ICI AustraliaCR1980-00071 file
1985Annual Report on exploration, 6-12-83 to 5-12-84.Aberfoyle Exploration; Ashton Mining; AOG MineralsCR1985-00231 file
1998First and final report from 19/8/96 to 25/7/97 on EL 8920, Favenc, Epenarra Project, Northern TerritoryAdelaide ResourcesCR1998-00211 file
1986Final Report EL4340, 6th December 1983 to 2nd December 1985.AOG Minerals; Australian Diamond ExplorationCR1986-00901 file
1985Final Report EL 4332, 26th February to 28th November, 1985.Ashton MiningCR1986-00841 file
1986Final report for EL 3537 Gosse RiverCRA ExplorationCR1986-01901 file
2004Surrender and closure report for EL 22980, Small Mining Operations Management PlanDe Beers Australia ExplorationCR2004-01881 file
1970NT phosphate 1970 drilling program AP 1874 (Alroy area)Pickands Mather and Co InternationalCR1970-00791 file
2004Partial Relinquishment Report EL 9978 Wonarah for the Period ending 29th August 2004AKDCR2004-06451 file
1990Surrender report EL 4968 Alexandria StationNorthern CementCR1990-05511 file
1986Final Report EL 4333, 26th February, 1985 to 28th November, 1985.Ashton Mining; Australian Diamond ExplorationCR1986-00861 file
Results 151-200 of 239 (Search time: 0.006 seconds).