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Title: Progress report No 1 1968, AP 1874 and 2081, including drilling operations for phosphate
Title Holder / Company: Continental Oil Company of Australia
Report id: CR1968-0016
Tenure: AP1874;  AP2081
Year: 1968
Author: Campbell, MD
Abstract: This report is a summary of the drilling activities carried out on behalf of the Mineral Exploration Division of the Continental Oil Company of Australia Ltd in Authority to Prospect 1874, Northern Territory, Australia. The tenement covers 1,050 square miles in the Alroy Homestead area. During 1968, a drilling programme within the tenement area discovered a significantly phosphatic interval, after an extensive regional evaluation and literature search. Additional exploratory holes were drilled to further delineate possible extensions of this discovery. Austral Geo Prospectors Pty. Ltd., Brisbane, Queensland, contracted to air-drill a seven (7) hole exploratory programme in the tenement area. One Mayhew 1000 rotary rig was used. In all seven (7) holes were drilled for a total footage of 700 feet, one hole was redrilled (Alroy No. 2-2A) due to loss of circulation and caving, and one hole (Airoy No. 3) was lost because of exceptionally hard drilling above the target interval. On AP 1874, a significant phosphate interval was discovered. No significant phosphate was discovered on AP 2081.
Date Added: 23-Oct-2013
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