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1991Palm Valley Fracture Orientation ReviewMagellan Petroleum AustraliaPR1991-00693 files
1999Report of findings Gore-Sorber Exploration Survey Revision 1 (1999) onshore Bonaparte Basin, Northern Territory, AustraliaGreat Southern OilPR1999-02051 file
2009OL3 Palm Valley Gas Field - Reserves ReportMagellan Petroleum (NT); Santos QNT; SantosPR2008-01781 file
2009EP125 Year 4 - Technical and Geological reportsOrdiv Petroleum; Central PetroleumPR2009-02142 files
2007EP104 General Summary of Seismic Processing ResultsTexalta Petroleum; Allender ExplorationPR2008-01101 file
2015EP161 Technicial StudiesSantos QNT; Tamboran (Beetaloo)PR2015-A1041 file
1989Poolowanna 1 Well SummaryCluff Resources PacificPR1990-A1161 file
2001Analysis of the Aeromagnetic Survey Data Over Part of the Amadeus Basin, Northern Territory EP69Innovative Technological Geo-ExplorationPR2001-01381 file
1998Palm Valley Well Test Analysis and Gradient Survey Final ReportMagellan Petroleum AustraliaPR1998-01622 files
2007EP103 General Summary of Seismic Processing ResultsTexalta Petroleum; Allender ExplorationPR2008-01071 file
2008Petroleum Prospectivity of Permit EP142 - Simpson Desert BasinPoolowanna Petroleum; Lake OilPR2008-01681 file
2010EP112 and EP118 Technicial and Geological ReportsFrontier Oil and Gas; Central PetroleumPR2010-01037 files
2008New Gas, Helium and Condensate Plays in the Southern Amadeus Basin (090508 Technical Note CTP)Helium AustraliaPR2008-A1971 file
2016Preliminary Ecological Assessment ReportImperial Oil and GasPR2016-A0441 file
2006The Petroleum Geology of the Amadeus BasinHelium AustraliaPR2007-A1481 file
2008The gypsum prospect fractured shale oil play in the northwestern Amadeus basin - the Horn Valley SiltstoneFrontier Oil and GasPR2008-A1961 file
1991Drill Hole Analytical SummaryPacific Oil and GasPR1991-A1451 file
2009A Review of a Devonian - Carboniferous Carbonate Platform in the Warburton Basin, Simpson DesertRawson Resources; Central PetroleumPR2009-A2201 file
2016Organic and inorganic characterisation of Tawallah Group sediments, McArthur Basin, NTArmour EnergyPR2016-A0241 file
2007Unconventional Gas Potential in the Ordovician of the Amadeus Basin - The Horn Valley Siltstone fractured shale playCentral PetroleumPR2008-A1841 file
2015Environmental ReportsPangaea (NT)PR2018-A0102 files
2007Additional Landscape, flora and fauna survey information to accompany the Notice of Intent - Central Petroleum Limited 2007 Amadeus Basin Seismic Acquisition Program; EP 82 Magee Site - Environmental SurveysHelium AustraliaPR2007-A1441 file
2006A Comparison between 'aster' alteration anomalies and structural mapping at Ooraminna, Waterhouse, Johnstone/Gypsum and Mt KittyHelium AustraliaPR2007-A1451 file
2006Environmental Impact Assesment and Management of the Central Petroleum Seismic Line project - OoraminnaHelium AustraliaPR2007-A1431 file
2015Ngalia Basin: Source Rock Correlations with the Amadeus and Georgina BasinsTamboran ResourcesPR2015-00511 file
2007Presentation from PetroHunter Energy CorporationSweetpea Petroleum; PetroHunter AustraliaPR2007-A1391 file
2014Review of upper McArthur Group Stratigraphy in the Glyde Sub-basin and Correlation with Modern Geophysical and Geochemical DataArmour EnergyPR2014-00831 file
2012Petrophysics Report - EP153, EP154, EP144Hancock Exploration Management ServicesPR2016-A0051 file
1988Mereenie Field Geology, Amadeus Basin, Northern TerritoryTMOC Resources; Mereenie Joint VenturePR1988-01021 file
1990Field Survey Work Program - 1989 - EP20, Northern Territory, AustraliaIndigo Oil; Sirgo ExplorationPR1990-00252 files
1985Routine Core Analysis : McDills #1Sydney OilPR1985-A0861 file
2007ASTER Alteration Mineral Mapping for Hydrocarbon Seepages; Waterhouse, Ooraminna, Johnston and Mt. Kitty Areas Amadeus Basin, Central AustraliaCentral PetroleumPR2008-A1821 file
2009Petroleum Geology of Central Australian BasinsRawson Resources; Central PetroleumPR2009-A2181 file
2007Structural Stratigraphic 'Halo' plays in the Amadeus BasinHelium AustraliaPR2007-A1511 file
2008The Petroleum Geology of the Amadeus BasinMerlin Energy; Central PetroleumPR2008-A1942 files
2008Prospective 'Halo' Plays in the Amadeus BasinMerlin Energy; Central PetroleumPR2008-A1931 file
2008Preliminary Interpretation of the Amadeus Basin for Central Petroleum : General theory of Geophysical Surveys and Data Processing for InterpretationMerlin Energy; Central PetroleumPR2008-A1922 files
2014Geological Report : Blue Energy (WISO) Ltd NT EP's 200, 205 and 207Blue Energy; Wiso OilPR2014-A0461 file
2007The Newly Described Neoproterozoic Aralka Formation Petroleum System boosts Petroleum Prospectively in the Amadeus BasinCentral PetroleumPR2008-A1851 file
2006Petroleum Geology of the Simpson Desert Area : The Eromanga, Simpson and Pedirka BasinsMerlin Energy; Central PetroleumPR2008-A1891 file
2009Report on Processing Techniques Employed : Tri-Star Energy Company 2009 Mini-Sosie DataTri-Star Energy CompanyPR2010-A1601 file
2007Summary of Hydrocarbon Exploration Play : Types in Central AustraliaOrdiv Petroleum; Central PetroleumPR2007-A1411 file
2009Technical Report : Seismic Acquisiton and Cutting Samples Analysis (EP134)Tri-Star Energy CompanyPR2010-A1611 file
2008Preliminary Assessment of the CBM Resource in the Pedirka Basin, NT and Northern SAMerlin Energy; Central PetroleumPR2008-A1901 file
2012Papers presented on the Amadeus Basin at the central Australia Basin Symposium (CABS-III) relating to EP107Merlin Energy; Petroleum Exploration AustraliaPR2012-A0375 files
2008Structural Interpretation of the Upper Proterozoic Surface at the Mt. Kitty Prospect from Seismic dataOrdiv Petroleum; Central PetroleumPR2008-A1871 file
2014Inversion modelling of magnetic and gravity data over the Wiso/Birrindudu basins, Northern Territory : Interim report on inversion modellingBlue Energy; Wiso OilPR2014-A0451 file
2012Reports associated with EP107 Permit Year 4 Annual Report 2012Merlin Energy; Petroleum Exploration AustraliaPR2012-A0386 files
2012Petrophysical Analysis Report : Beachcomber 1, Peoppels Corner 1, and Thomas 1 Wells Poolawanna and Peera Peera Formations, Northern Territory, AustraliaTamboran ResourcesPR2012-00301 file
20072006 EP97 Pedirka Basin Soil-Gas Geochemical Survey : Operations and InterpretationRawson ResourcesPR2007-A1403 files
Results 1-50 of 268 (Search time: 0.005 seconds).