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Title: Analysis of the Aeromagnetic Survey Data Over Part of the Amadeus Basin, Northern Territory EP69
Title Holder / Company: Innovative Technological Geo-Exploration
Report id: PR2001-0138
Tenure: EP69
Year: 2001
Corporate Author: Archimedes Consulting
Abstract: This report gives the results of special processing, analysis and interpretation of the high-resolution magnetic data over EP69 in Amadeus Basin. This study helped in the interpretation of the structure and understanding the geology of the target area, 'Walker Prospect'. This study focused on the delineation of fault and associated structure patterns within the main target horizon, the Pacoota Sandstone within the Walker Prospect, at depths of 1200m to 1600m. The analysis and interpretation of the magnetic data also helped to delineate major fault structures dislocating the thick Palaeozoic and Neoproterozoic sediments of the Amadeus Basin and presumably the underlying Mesoproterozoic basement, in the Walker Prospect area and surrounding region.
The project has proven that the application of new methods and techniques to the interpretation of high-resolution aeromagnetic data over sedimentary basins and the underlying deeper crust can value-add to a petroleum exploration program.
Date Added: 18-Oct-2022
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