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1984East Mereenie 13 A Petrological Examination of Cuttings from the Pacoota P3 Interval-CSR01461 file
1995Sedimentologic descriptions and Petrography of selected Cambro-Ordovician Pacoota cores Amadeus Basin Australia: Tempe Vale 1, Tent Hill 1, West Mereenie 3, West Mereenie 6, East Mereenie 4, East Mereenie 5, East Mereenie 6, East Mereenie 7, East Mereenie 9, East Mereenie 10, East Mereenie 14-CSR01541 file
2014Amadeus Basin summary report - East Mereenie 10-CSR03241 file
1984East Mereenie 14 Petrological Description of Sample No. 3-CSR01451 file
1996Petrology and reservoir quality of the Pacoota and Lower Stairway Sandstones in the Mereenie Field, Amadeus Basin. West Mereenie 3, West Mereenie 6, West Mereenie 9, East Mereenie 3, East Mereenie 26, East Mereenie 35, East Mereenie 38, East Mereenie 1, East Mereenie 2, East Mereenie 5, East Mereenie 6, East Mereenie 8-CSR01401 file
2008Preliminary report on the lipid biomarker composition of the Mount Charlotte 1 drillcore (Amadeus Basin, Northern Territory, Australia)-CSR02431 file
2013Palaeontology report Stromatolite Biostratigraphy and Palynology: Stromatolite biostratigraphy and palynology of drillhole NTGS BR05DD01 (Unapproachable 1:100 000 Sheet; Bloods Range 1:250 000 Sheet) Amadeus Basin, Northern Territory, Australia-CSR02441 file
2012Preservation and Destruction of Biomarkers in Neoproterozoic Evaporites of the 800 Ma Bitter Springs Formation, Amadeus Basin, Central Australia-CSR03591 file
2015Geochemistry and geochronology report, volcanic horizon Ooraminna-1 Core 16-CSR03601 file
2011Preliminary report on the molecular fossil composition and the paleoredox of drillcore samples from the Amadeus Basin, Northern Territory, Australia-CSR02461 file