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YearTitleTitle Holder/CompanyReport idPreviewDownload
1995Relinquishment Report EL 7266, EL 7300 and EL 7301, 24th May 1991 to 23 May 1995Ashton Mining; BHP MineralsCR1995-06232 files
1996EL 9067, Buchanon Dam, Barkley Tableland, NT, annual and final reportKennedy, S; Kennedy, C RCR1996-02631 file
1988EL 4969, annual report Alexandria Station for period ending 27-06-1988.Northern CementCR1988-02671 file
1977Annual report for 1976 EL1084 Wonarah NorthICI AustraliaCR1977-00371 file
2004Partial relinquishment report for EL 22168 Wonarah, for the period ending 3 August 2004AKDCR2004-06024 files
1983Annual and Final Report, 1982, Buchanan Dam, Georgina Basin.CRA ExplorationCR1983-01511 file
1980EL 2043 Dalmore Annual report period ending 28 May 1980CRA ExplorationCR1980-01571 file
19881988 Report on Auger Drilling for Alexandria Station EL 4968Northern CementCR1988-02981 file
2003Surrender reports for EL 22971-22974, EL 22976-22979, EL 22981-22983, EL 22985 and EL 22989-22993De Beers Australia ExplorationCR2004-00441 file
2004Final Report for EL 10178Image ResourcesCR2004-02391 file
1987EL 4968, annual report on exploration Alexandria Station NT for period ending 27/06/1987.Northern CementCR1988-00181 file
1980EL 1951 Alroy north, report for the year ending 22 January 1980CRA ExplorationCR1980-00701 file
1985Annual Report EL 4340 Alroy 6-12-1983 to 5-12-1984AOG Minerals; Ashton Mining; Aberfoyle ExplorationCR1985-00211 file
1979First Annual report for EL 1083 Wonarah South, AlroyICI Australia; Australian FertilizersCR1979-00031 file
1986Final report EL 4349 for the period 6-12-83 to 4-12-85.Aberfoyle Exploration; Australian Diamond ExplorationCR1986-01001 file
1970Progress reports on Alexandria and Wonarah phosphateIMC DevelopmentCR1970-00381 file
2003Partial relinquishment report for the period ending 6 February 2003 for EL 9976, WonarahAKDCR2003-01832 files
1980EL 1184 Alroy, final report for period ending August 1980Australian Ores and Minerals; CRA ExplorationCR1980-02331 file
2003Annual report for EL 10178, for the period of January 2002 to January 2003Image ResourcesCR2003-00121 file
2004Partial relinquishment report for EL 9976 Wonarah for the period ending 6th February 2004AKDCR2004-02305 files
1986Final Report for EL 4348 from 6-12-1983 to 4-12-1985Aberfoyle Exploration; Australian Diamond ExplorationCR1986-00991 file
1986Final Report on EL 4341, 6th December 1983 to 2nd December 1985AOG Minerals; Australian Diamond ExplorationCR1986-00911 file
1977Annual Report for 1976, Alroy, Alexandria.ICI Australia; Australia FertilizersCR1977-00381 file
2002Partial relinquishment report for the period ending 2nd July 2002, for EL 22167 Wonarah 5 and EL 22168 Wonarah 6Rio Tinto ExplorationCR2002-02596 files
1978Annual report for 1977 EL 1084 WonarahICI AustraliaCR1978-00591 file
1988EL 4968, relinquished area report Alexandria Station, NTAdelaide Brighton CementCR1988-03101 file
1985Annual Report on exploration EL4341, 06-12-1983 to 05-12-1984.AOG Minerals; Ashton Mining; Aberfoyle ExplorationCR1985-00221 file
1980Final report for EL 1951 Alroy north, the period ending August 1980CRA Exploration; Australian Ores and MineralsCR1980-02341 file
1980Alroy EL1184, report for the year ending 28 December 1979Not GivenCR1980-00281 file
1989EL 4968, relinquished area report Alexandria StationNorthern CementCR1989-06171 file
1979Third Annual report EL 1084 Wonarah NorthICI Australia; Australian FertilizersCR1979-00511 file
1992Report on relinquished portion of EL 4399 McArthur River project areaPerilya Mines; Top End Resources; NorandaCR1992-01861 file
1970Annual Report on PA 2161 WonarahIMC DevelopmentCR1970-00401 file
1981EL 2043 Dalmore, NT final report for period ending August, 1980CRA Exploration; Australian Ores & MineralsCR1981-01251 file
1988Relinquished area report EL 4968 Alexandria StationNorthern CementCR1988-02401 file
1994Annual report, EL 8009, 5th April 1993 to 4th April 1994Ashton MiningCR1994-06281 file
1971Annual report, AP 1874, Alroy area, NT, 1971 drilling programmeContinental Oil Company of AustraliaCR1971-00121 file
2003Final report, EL 22167AKDCR2003-03914 files
19701969 Annual Report AP 2161 WonarahIMC DevelopmentCR1970-00361 file
Results 201-239 of 239 (Search time: 0.014 seconds).