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19721972 Border Creek Seismic Survey - Digital DataAustralian Aquitaine Petroleum; Australia Aquitaine PetroleumPR1982-01506 files
1956Geological reconnaissance of Bathurst and Melville IslandsSantosPR1956-00051 file
-1969 Lone Hill Seismic & Gravity Survey - Hardcopy DataAustralian Aquitaine PetroleumPR0110-00011 file
1956The prospects of commercial oil on Bathurst and Melville Island, Northern TerritorySantos AustraliaPR1956-00061 file
19721972 Border Creek Seismic Survey - Seismic Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation ReportsAustralian Aquitaine Petroleum; Australia Aquitaine PetroleumPR1972-00023 files
-1972 Border Creek Seismic - Hardcopy DataAustralian Aquitaine PetroleumPR0098-00011 file
-1969 Lone Hill Seismic & Gravity Survey -Providence Hill ReprocessingAustralian Aquitaine PetroleumPR1992-0118 
-Providence Hill - Analogue DataAustralia AquitainePR1963-0049 
-1969 Lone Hill & Providence Hill Seismic & Gravity Survey - Digital DataAustralian Aquitaine PetroleumPR0110-0002 
1963Final Report on Anson Bay Aeromagnetic Survey-PR1963-0045