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Title: 1967 Hyland Marine Seismic Survey - Final Acquisition, Processing, & Interpretation Reports
Title Holder / Company: Australian Aquitaine Petroleum
Report id: PR1968-0003
Tenure: OP2;  OP83
Year: 1967
Corporate Author: Western Geophysical
Abstract: The 1967 Hyland Marine Seismic Survey was conducted by Western Geophysical Company for Australian Aquitaine Petroleum Pty Ltd in the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf contained with OP2 and OP83. Digital recording techniques were used to record reflection data, using a two-boat system, conventional explosives charges and three separate detector cable configurations. The survey acquired 57 new seismic lines with a total distance of 1994.9km. An initial field processing was conducted with further seismic data processing conducted by Western Geophysical in their Digital Centre.
It was found from the results of the survey that a large area of the Northern part of OP83 was found to have a thin sedimentary section over the shallow Proterozoic basement which steadily deepens Westward in the central part of the permit. The closure of the structure in the South West of OP83 was confirmed on all horizons and several prospective features have been encountered and detailed in OP2.
Document Type: Seismic Acquisition
Seismic Processing
Date Added: 23-Mar-2017
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