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YearTitleTitle Holder/CompanyReport idPreviewDownload
2011CBM 93-002 Well Completion Report InterpretiveCentral PetroleumPR2011-01281 file
1996Relinquishment Report EP58, Pedirka Basin, NTKiwi Australian ResourcesPR1996-00122 files
2012Geothermal Energy Potential in CTP's Tenements in the Pedirka/Eromanga Basin (Andado Shelf) and the Southern Georgina BasinCentral Petroleum; Central GeothermalGR2012-00031 file
1990Etingimbra Soil-Gas SurveyTerritory PetroleumPR1990-00421 file
2011CBM 93-002 Well Completion Report BasicCentral PetroleumPR2011-012713 files
2012Papers presented on the Amadeus Basin at the central Australia Basin Symposium (CABS-III) relating to EP107Merlin Energy; Petroleum Exploration AustraliaPR2012-A0375 files
2006Petroleum Geology of the Simpson Desert Area : The Eromanga, Simpson and Pedirka BasinsMerlin Energy; Central PetroleumPR2008-A1891 file
2012Reports associated with EP107 Permit Year 4 Annual Report 2012Merlin Energy; Petroleum Exploration AustraliaPR2012-A0386 files
2008Preliminary Assessment of the CBM Resource in the Pedirka Basin, NT and Northern SAMerlin Energy; Central PetroleumPR2008-A1901 file
2009Report on Processing Techniques Employed : Tri-Star Energy Company 2009 Mini-Sosie DataTri-Star Energy CompanyPR2010-A1601 file