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YearTitleTitle Holder/CompanyReport idPreviewDownload
19701970 Report for AP 1965 Mount Bonner NTNoranda AustraliaCR1970-00551 file
1967Report on exploration within AP 1138 Eastern ArnhemlandBHP Minerals ExplorationCR1966-00081 file
2001Annual report on ELs 327, 328, 329, 3340 and 9969, Arnhem Land Project; period ending 13 May 2001De Beers Australia ExplorationCR2001-02054 files
19611961 Bauxite Explorations of Permits to Enter No 57 & 69.Reynolds Australia MinesCR1961-00041 file
1997EL 6800 Black Mountain Mount Todd district NT annual report year two of renewal periodAcacia Resources; Pegasus Gold AustraliaCR1997-04201 file
19571957 Bauxite Investigations Arnhemland, NTRio Tinto ExplorationCR1957-00141 file
1967Report on Exploration Within Prospecting Authority 1138, Eastern Arnhem Land, During 1967.BHP MineralsCR1968-00111 file
1975EL 397 Mitchell Range NT for the year ended 23-8-74.BHP MineralsCR1975-00391 file
1964Summary Report - Prospecting Arnhem Land, 1964BHP MineralsCR1964-00041 file
1964Petrological Report No. 23-64. Specimens of Haematite from Arnhem Land - Northern Territory.BHP MineralsCR1964-00051 file
1969Report on exploration within AP1138 during 1968BHP MineralsCR1969-00061 file
1969Report on AP 1965 Mt. Bonner Year ended June 1969.Noranda AustraliaCR1969-00281 file
1970Annual Report AP2400, Arnhem Land, NTUnited UraniumCR1970-00951 file
1972Exploration report, Parsons Range, NT AP2400Pechiney Australia; United UraniumCR1972-00961 file
2000Combined annual report on EL's 327, 328, 329, 3340 and 9969, Arnhem Land Project for the period ending 13 May 2000Stockdale ProspectingCR2000-02412 files
19561956 Preliminary Investigations on Bauxite, NTRio Tinto ExplorationCR1956-00061 file
1972Annual Report for 1971, Prospecting Authority 1138, Arnhem Land, NT.BHPCR1972-00091 file
2001Partial Relinquishment Report on EL 327 and EL 3340, Arnhem land Project; June 2001De Beers Australia ExplorationCR2001-02383 files
2004Final Surrender Report, Exploration Licence 6351 - East Arnhem landNorthern Land CouncilCR2004-05821 file
2002Annual technical report for exploration licence 6351.Rio Tinto ExplorationCR2002-03811 file
Results 51-70 of 70 (Search time: 0.002 seconds).