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Title: AMSAN13B Southern Amadeus Basin 2D SS 2013 - Daily Tests, Observers Logs, Survey Data (RPS, SPS), XPS Data
Title Holder / Company: Santos
Magellan Petroleum (RL2)
Report ID: PR2014-0011
Tenure: EP82;  EP105;  EP106;  EP107;  EP112;  EP125;  RL2
Year: 2013
Corporate Author: Santos
Survey Name: AMSAN13B Southern Amadeus Basin 2D SS 2013
Survey Lines: AMSAN13B-01;  AMSAN13B-02;  AMSAN13B-03;  AMSAN13B-04;  AMSAN13B-05 - cancelled;  AMSAN13B-06;  AMSAN13B-07;  AMSAN13B-08;  AMSAN13B-09;  AMSAN13B-10;  AMSAN13B-11;  AMSAN13B-12;  AMSAN13B-13;  AMSAN13B-14;  AMSAN13B-15
Geological Province: Amadeus Basin
Map250: Finke SG5306
Henbury SG5301
Kulgera SG5305
Hale River SG5303
McDills SG5307
Rodinga SG5302
Subject: Line listings
Field data
Observers reports
Surveys operations
Document Type: Seismic Acquisition
Appears in Collections:Petroleum Geophysical Surveys (PEX Geophysics)

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PR2014-0011_AMSN13B_04.zip3.58 MBZIP Add
PR2014-0011_AMSN13B_05.zip3.56 MBZIP Add
PR2014-0011_AMSN13B_06.zip1.37 MBZIP Add
PR2014-0011_AMSN13B_07.zip1.2 MBZIP Add
PR2014-0011_AMSN13B_08.zip2.36 MBZIP Add
PR2014-0011_AMSN13B_09.zip2.14 MBZIP Add
PR2014-0011_AMSN13B_09to15.zip2.87 MBZIP Add

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