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1982Petrology: Diagenesis of sandstones from the Bonaparte basin, North Australia, a pilot study. Bougainville 1, Curlew 1, Eider 1, Flamingo 1, Gull 1, Heron 1, Keep River 1, Kinmore 1, Lynedoch 1, Penguin 1, Petrel 2, Shearwater 1, Tern 1-CSR00781 file
1985Vitrinite Reflectance. Petroleum Geochemistry: Geochemical data for eleven wells from the Bonaparte Gulf Basin of the NT. Keep River 1, Petrel 2, Heron 1, Kulshill 1, Bougainville 1, Shearwater 1, Curlew 1, Flat Top 1, Troubadour 1, Lynedoche 1, Kinmore 1-CSR01241 file
1983Vitrinite Reflectance Determination and Maceral analyses. Keep River 1, Moyle 1, Kulshill 1, Kulshill 2-CSR01001 file
1991Lithology. Milligans formation well log facies study. Bonaparte 1, Bonaparte 2, Weaber 1, Weaber 2-CSR01281 file
2008Thermal conductivity of core samples NTG 001-041-CSR01701 file
2015Results of palynological sampling conducted at the NTGS core shed-CSR03761 file
2010Weaber 1 Weaber 2A Waggon Creek 1 Cuttings summary report-CSR01771 file
1993Petrographic study on conventional cores from eight wells, Australia: Keep River-1, Ningbing-1, Bonaparte-1, Turtle-1, Barnett-2, Kulshill-1, Kulshill-2, and Yampi-1 wells-CSR02151 file
1991Thermal history assessment using Apatite Fission Track Analysis and Vitrinite Reflectance, Southern Bonaparte Basin-CSR01121 file
1993Kerogens. Stable carbon isotope ratios of 110 core samples from 8 Wells, Australia, Keep River 1, Ningbing 1, Bonaparte 1, Turtle 1, Barnett 2, Kulshill 1, Kulshill 2, Yampi 1-CSR01351 file