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YearTitleTitle Holder/CompanyReport idPreviewDownload
1988Annual exploration report EL 2368 Tanami Downs 23/11/1986 to 22/11/1987North Flinders MinesCR1988-03271 file
1988Annual report on EL 5124 El Clem Hill, period ending 23-02-1988Young RJCR1988-01881 file
1988Annual report EL 4986 Mount Shoobridge to 8 January 1988Australian Coal and Gold HoldingsCR1988-00351 file
1988Annual report on EL 4879 Mt Fitch year ending 25-05-1988Central Electricity Generating Board Exploration (Australia)CR1988-01651 file
1988Annual Report on EL 5309 Rum Jungle AreaWells, AMSCR1988-03661 file
1988Annual Report on EL 4246 Frances Creek year ending 3-12-87.CSRCR1988-01451 file
1988Annual Report on EL 5096 Bynoe JVGreenbushesCR1988-00971 file
1988Final report on work carried out on EL 3316 Blueys Silver ProspectPetrocarb ExplorationCR1988-04011 file
1988Report on EL 5042 Barrets and EL5044 Bridge Creek to 16-03-1988Oceania Exploration and Mining; GeonorthCR1988-02121 file
1988Annual report on EL 5439 Spring Hill Road Area for 1988Joseph R; Joesph, A; ZapopanCR1988-04071 file