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Title: Palynology report on core and cuttings from eight wells in Amadeus Basin, NT. Waterhouse West No. 1, Orange No. 1, Tyler No. 1, West Mereenie No. 1, Mereenie No. 1, East Mereenie No. 2, Palm Valley No. 3, Palm Valley No. 1
Report ID: CSR0085
Year: 1981
Author: Glikson, M
Owen, J
Corporate Author: Pancontinental Petroleum
Drillhole/Well Name: West Waterhouse 1;  Orange 1;  Tyler 1;  West Mereenie 1;  Mereenie 1;  East Mereenie 2;  Palm Valley 1;  Palm Valley 3
COREDAT ID: 1893;  2059;  2368;  2397;  2591;  4189;  4191;  4210
Geological Province: Amadeus Basin
Map250: Alice Springs SF5314
Henbury SG5301
Hermannsburg SF5313
Kulgera SG5305
Lake Amadeus SG5204
Rodinga SG5302
Map100: Gill 5249
Tarawera 5150
MacDonnell Ranges 5550
Gosses Bluff 5350
Peachy 5649
Hermannsburg 5450
Palm Valley 5449
Idirriki 5250
Subject: Palynology
Source beds
Age determination methods
Abstract: A palynological and source rock maturation study has been carried out on samples collected from the Bureau of Mineral Resources Core and Cuttings Laboratory. All the wells sampled are from the Amadeus Basin in the southern part of the Northern Territory.
The aim of the investigation was the examine Devonian formations to determine:
1. age of the formations;
2. presence and type of organic material;
3. degree of organic maturation by use of the Thermal
Alteration Index (TAl)
All the samples were processed using standard palynological maceration techniques, although the recovered organic matter was not stained so as to allow determination of TAls.
NOTESee also PR1969-0004, PR1964-0027, PR1965-0014, PR1966-0010, PR1966-0019, PR1966-0025, PR1970-0013, PR1973-0015
Document Type: Core Analysis
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