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Title: 2009/2010 Central Petroleum Amadeus Pedirka 2D SS - Seismic Acquisition and Processing Reports
Title Holder / Company: Central Petroleum
Report ID: PR2014-0065
Tenure: RL4;  EP82;  EP93;  EP97;  EP107;  EP112;  EP115;  EP118
Year: 2013
Corporate Author: Terrex
Survey Name: Amadeus - Pedirka 2D SS 2010
Survey Lines: CAR09-01;  CBR09-01;  CCR09-01;  CCT09-01;  CFT09-01;  CFT09-03;  CFT09-05;  CFT09-07;  CFT09-09;  CHR09-01;  CHR09-02;  CHR09-03;  CHR09-04;  CJ09-18;  CJ09-19;  CJ09-20;  CJ09-21;  CJ09-22;  CJ09-23;  CJ09-24;  CJ09-25;  CJ09-26;  CJ09-27;  CJ09-28;  CJ09-29;  CJ09-30;  CJ09-31;  CJ09-32;  CJ09-33;  CJ09-34;  CJ09-35;  CM09-15;  CMCD09-01;  CML09-01;  CML09-02;  CML09-03;  CML09-04;  CML09-05;  CNWM09-01;  CNWM09-02;  CNWM09-03;  CNWM09-04;  CNWM09-05;  CNWM09-06;  CNWM09-07;  CP09-01;  CP09-02;  CP09-03;  CP09-04;  CS109-11;  CSI09-01;  CSI09-02;  CSI09-03;  CSI09-04;  CSI09-05;  CSI09-06;  CSI09-07;  CSI09-08;  CSI09-09;  CSI09-10;  CSP09-09;  CSP09-10;  CSP09-11;  CSP09-12;  CSP09-13;  CSP09-14;  CV09-10;  CV09-11;  CV09-12;  CV09-13;  CV09-14;  CW09-05;  Reprocessed Lines:;  CB08-01;  CO06-01;  CO06-04;  CMK06-08
Geological Province: Amadeus Basin
Pedirka Basin
Map250: Alice Springs SF5314
Rodinga SG5302
Henbury SG5301
Lake Amadeus SG5204
Simpson Desert North SG5304
Simpson Desert South SG5308
Hale River SG5303
McDills SG5307
Mount Rennie SF5215
Mount Liebig SF5216
Subject: Acquisition logistics
Acquisition operations
Coordinates and elevations
Depth conversion
Field data
Infield data processing and QC
Line diagrams
Line listings
Navigation data
Preliminary stacks
Processing data
Processed seismic lines
Statics corrections
Velocity acquisition
Velocity analysis
Surveys operations
Abstract: The Amadeus - Pedirka 2D 2010 Seismic Survey consist of a total of 72 new seismic lines with a total distance of 1247km. Central Petroleum contracted Terrex Seismic to conduct the seismic survey originally in planned to be executed in 2009, but was delayed till 2010. Fugro Seismic Imaging Pty Ltd carried out the processing of the acquired seismic data along with reprocessing some of the older lines from the 2006 & 2008 Amadeus - Pedirka Seismic Surveys, particularly in the Blamore Track, Mt Kitty & Ooraminna areas.
Areas that were part of the Seismic Survey include: Johnstone, Magee, New Ghan, NW Mereenie, Parrara, Stone Plains, Colson Track, Flat Top, Hale River, Madigan, McDonnell Range & Vivien.
NOTERead spreadsheet titled 2009 Central Petroleum Seismic Surveys
Document Type: Seismic Acquisition
Seismic Processing
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