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Title: 1988 Forsyth Seismic Survey - Final Operations Report
Title Holder / Company: Santos
Alliance Petroleum International
Report id: PR1989-0042
Tenure: OP186
Year: 1989
Corporate Author: Geo Systems
Abstract: The 1988 Forsyth Seismic Survey was conducted by Geosystems Pty Ltd for Santos Ltd on OP186. The survey consisted of 17 lines for a total of 188.5km of 83.33 fold with 6m CDPs and 166.7 fold with RCPs, 500 channel reflection profiling was recorded. The main objectives of the survey were furter definition of prospects at Milligan's Lagoon and Pincombe and, regional data acquisittion in the north-east of the block.
The seismic data processing was carried out by Horizon Seismic Australia Pty Ltd
The survey results revealed that the data obtained were of poor to fair quality. It was possible to interpret and map only three of the four areas targetted by the survey.
NOTESome Survey Lines may have different names to those seen in STRIKE. e.g. 87-414RE = BNT87-414
Document Type: Seismic Acquisition
Seismic Processing
Date Added: 23-Mar-2017
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