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Title: 2006 Beetaloo Basin Seismic Survey (Reprocessing of Legacy Seismic Data) - Digital Data
Title Holder / Company: Sweetpea Corporation
Report ID: PR2011-0008
Tenure: EP76;  EP98;  EP99;  EP117
Year: 2006
Corporate Author: NTGS
Survey Name: Beetaloo Basin 2D SS 2006
McArthur Basin 2D SS 1989
McArthur 2D SS 1991
McArthur Basin 2D SS 1991
McArthur River Ph I 2D SS 1992
McArthur River Ph II 2D SS 1992
Survey Lines: 89-203;  MA91-103;  MA91-109;  MA91-200;  MA91-211;  MA91-213;  MA91-215;  MA91-217;  MA91-220;  MA91-221;  MA91-221E;  MA91-223;  MA91-223E;  MA91-225;  MA91-227;  MA91-230;  MA91-241;  MA91-251;  MA91-261;  MA91-271;  MA91-296;  MA91-93;  MA91-99;  MC92-100;  MC92-102;  MC92-104;  MC92-104W;  MC92-202;  MC92-53;  MC92-61;  MC92-63;  MC92-73;  MC92-93;  MD92-225;  MD92-229;  ME91-90
Geological Province: McArthur Basin
Beetaloo Sub-basin
Map250: Beetaloo SE5306
Tanumbirini SE5302
Hodgson Downs SD5314
Daly Waters SE5301
Subject: Processed seismic lines
Abstract: Between 2004 and 2006, Sweetpea Petroleum (PetroHunter Energy Corporation, Falcon Oil and Gas Ltd) processed legacy seismic data and in 2006 acquired seismic data in the Beetaloo Basin. Several companies were selected to complete the processing however minimal documentation has been received regarding the processing methodology. This file note outlines the processing flows completed, as listed in the EBCDIC headers.
NOTEField and processed data available on request. A hard drive must be supplied for requests over 50GB.
Processed Seismic Data (5GB) can also be requested from NTGS
Document Type: Seismic Data
Appears in Collections:Petroleum Geophysical Surveys (PEX Geophysics)

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