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1995Sedimentologic descriptions and Petrography of selected Cambro-Ordovician Pacoota cores Amadeus Basin Australia: Tempe Vale 1, Tent Hill 1, West Mereenie 3, West Mereenie 6, East Mereenie 4, East Mereenie 5, East Mereenie 6, East Mereenie 7, East Mereenie 9, East Mereenie 10, East Mereenie 14-CSR01541 file
1996Petrology and reservoir quality of the Pacoota and Lower Stairway Sandstones in the Mereenie Field, Amadeus Basin. West Mereenie 3, West Mereenie 6, West Mereenie 9, East Mereenie 3, East Mereenie 26, East Mereenie 35, East Mereenie 38, East Mereenie 1, East Mereenie 2, East Mereenie 5, East Mereenie 6, East Mereenie 8-CSR01401 file
1991Report to Aberfoyle Resources Limited on a Pb isotope study of drill core samples from prospects in the northern McArthur Basin, NT-CSR00291 file
1991Lithology. Milligans formation well log facies study. Bonaparte 1, Bonaparte 2, Weaber 1, Weaber 2-CSR01281 file
1991Lithology results of sampling Wallara 1 - ediacarian acritarch Biostratigraphy of the Centralian Superbasin-CSR01181 file
1991Examination of cuttings from the Amadeus Basin-CSR00271 file
1991Petrography. Glyde River Area: Porosity and Permeability Study December 1991-CSR01301 file
1991Provision of Engineering type work for the determination of the quality and maturity of source rocks in the Georgina Basin-CSR01131 file
1992Petrographic: Core Analysis Report. F7531-89-Pt.2.Elk 6-EP11-EP12-CSR01071 file
1992Report F5259-89 Core Analysis Samples 2557492-515-CSR01391 file