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2023Sedimentological and petrophysical characterisation of the Birrindudu Basin, Northern Territory-NTGS Record files
2023Top End basins excursion guide. Central Australian Basins Symposium IV (CABS IV), Darwin, August 27-28, 2022-NTGS Record 2023-004NTGSRec2023-004.pdf.jpg1 file
2023The late Palaeoproterozoic Glyde package across the greater McArthur Basin--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2023Understanding sedimentary basins in the NT: Insights from Birrindudu Basin, the Lawn Hill Platform, the Beetaloo Sub-basin, and the McArthur Basin--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2021X-ray diffraction data of shales from the greater McArthur Basin-NTGS Record file
2021Petroleum geology and geochemistry of the Birrindudu Basin, greater McArthur Basin--JarrettAGES2021_paper.pdf.jpg2 files
2021CSIRO-NTGS Tanami Project: aeromagnetic interpretation of the Tanami Region - Geophysical Data-DIP022thumbnail.jpg3 files
2021CSIRO-NTGS Tanami Project: aeromagnetic interpretation of the Tanami Region - GIS-DIP021thumbnail.jpg4 files
2020AusAEM 02 WA/NT, 2019-20 Airborne Electromagnetic Survey: TEMPEST(R) airborne electromagnetic data and conductivity estimates--thumbnail.jpg 
2019Detrital zircon geochronology investigations of the Glyde and Favenc packages: Implications for the geological framework of the greater McArthur Basin, Northern Territory--MunsonAGES2019_paper.pdf.jpg2 files
2018Summary of results. NTGS laser ablation ICP-MS U-Pb and Lu-Hf geochronology project: Roper Group (McArthur Basin), overlying ungrouped units (Beetaloo Sub-basin), Renner Group (Tomkinson Province), and Tijunna Group (Birrindudu Basin)-NTGS Record 2018-007NTGSRec2018-007.pdf.jpg1 file
2000Pargee, Northern Territory : interpreted geology--PargeeInterpGeol100k.pdf.jpg1 file
2001Pargee, Northern Territory : sheet 4758--PargeeGeol100k.pdf.jpg1 file
2001Tanami, Northern Territory : interpreted geology--TanamiInterpGeol100k.pdf.jpg1 file
2000Tanami, Northern Territory : sheet 4858--TanamiGeol100k.pdf.jpg1 file
2017Summary of results. Joint NTGS - GA geochronology project: greater McArthur Basin, July 2016-June 2017-NTGS Record file
2001Waterloo : magnetics and radiometrics survey--Waterloo_Mag_Rad_Logistics_Report.pdf.jpg2 files
1995Limbunya : magnetics and radiometrics survey--Limbunya_Mag_Rad_Logistics_Report.pdf.jpg2 files
2016Sedimentary characterisation and correlation of the Wilton package, greater McArthur Basin--AGES2016_Munson.pdf.jpg1 file
2016The greater McArthur Basin 3D modelling project: updates, developments and steps towards the future--AGES2016_Bruna_et_al.pdf.jpg1 file
1997Birrindudu : magnetics and radiometrics survey--Birrindudu_Mag_Rad_Logistics_Report.pdf.jpg4 files
2002Buchanan : magnetics and radiometrics survey--Buchanan_Mag_Rad_Logistics_Report.pdf.jpg4 files
1998Victoria River Downs : magnetics and radiometrics survey--Victoria_River_Downs_part_A_Mag_Rad_Logistics_Report.pdf.jpg5 files
2022Shale resource data from the greater McArthur files
1984Litchfield South : magnetics and radiometrics survey--Litchfield_South_Mag_Rad_Logistics_Report.pdf.jpg2 files
1994Port Keats : magnetics and radiometrics file
1999Birrindudu -Victoria River Basins proposed drilling programme-NTGS Record 1999-006NTGSRec1999-006.pdf.jpg1 file
2001Landsat 7 : Wave Hill, sheet SE52-08 (11/08/99; 20/08/99) file
2002Drillhole completion report - 99VRNTGSDD1 and 99VRNTGSDD2, Victoria River Downs, Northern Territory-NTGS Record 2002-006NTGSRec2002-006.pdf.jpg1 file
2001Landsat 7 : NT Scene 107/72 (04/08/00) file
2000Landsat 7 : NT Scene 106/73 (27/08/99) file
2001Landsat 7 : Waterloo, sheet SE52-03 (11/08/99; 20/08/99) file
2000Landsat 7 : NT Scene 105/71 (20/08/99) file
2000Geology and resource potential of the Birrindudu-Victoria Basins--thumbnail.jpg 
2000Landsat 7 : NT Scene 106/74 (26/07/99) file
2000Landsat 7 : NT Scene 106/71 (11/08/99) file
2000Landsat 7 : NT Scene 107/ file
1999Landsat 7 : NT Scene 105/69-106/69 file
2000Landsat 7 : NT Scene 107/71 (04/08/00) file
2000Operations and processing report, Victoria River Downs airborne geophysical survey, NTGS 1998 (flown by Kevron Geophysics, covering parts of Auvergne, Delamere, Waterloo and Victoria River Downs 1:250 000 map sheets)-NTGS Record file
2001Landsat 7 : Limbunya, sheet SE52-07 (11/08/99; 20/08/99) file
2000Landsat 7 : NT Scene 105/70 (21/07/00) file
2000Landsat 7 : NT Scene 106/72 (11/08/99) file
2000Landsat 7 : NT Scene 106/70 (26/06/00) file
1975Tanami, Northern Territory : explanatory notes--thumbnail.jpg 
2005Birrindudu : gravity file
1972Limbunya, Northern Territory : explanatory notes--thumbnail.jpg 
1973Wave Hill, Northern Territory : explanatory notes--thumbnail.jpg 
1972Auvergne, Northern Territory : explanatory notes--thumbnail.jpg 
2015HyLogger drillhole report for Bullo River 1, Birrindudu Basin, Northern Territory-HDP0040NTGS_HDP0040.pdf.jpg1 file
Results 1-50 of 93 (Search time: 0.005 seconds).