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Title: Shale resource data from the greater McArthur Basin
Report id: DIP014
Edition: version December 2018
Year: 2018
Author: Revie, D
Normington, VJ
Geological Province: McArthur Basin
Abstract: The Northern Territory Geological Survey (NTGS) is undertaking an assessment of the resource potential of shale units within key onshore basins in the Northern Territory. This involves compiling key parameter data used to assess potential for hydrocarbon and mineral resources; the data consists of total organic carbon (TOC), programmed pyrolysis, X-ray diffraction (XRD), shale rock properties, kerogen kinetics elemental kerogen analysis, Fe elemental content and organic S content, gas chromatography and biomarker analysis, geomechanical rock properties, sorption isotherm, and whole rock geochemistry. The data is sourced from open file company reports, core sampling reports, government publications, and new analyses from stored drillcore held at NTGS Core Facilities and the Geoscience Australia Repository. All analytical work, with the exception of whole rock geochemistry, was performed at Weatherford Laboratories (Australia) using the procedures as outlined in NTGS Record 2015-004 (Revie 2015). Whole rock geochemical analysis was performed by Intertek-Genalysis Laboratory Services Pty Ltd (Perth, Australia). The results and interpretation of the data analysed has been compiled on a per well basis as individual well reports, and collated into basin and sub-basin reports. Black shale units known for their resource potential were prioritised in the initial phase of the project. Ultimately all shale units within the correlated stratigraphy of the greater McArthur Basin (Close 2014) will be analysed. Digital Information Package 014 (DIP 014) contains data collated up until December 2018.
Publisher: Northern Territory Geological Survey
ISSN: 1445-5358
Document Type: NTGS Digital Information Package
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