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2023New insights to the lithostratigraphy of the Pedirka Basin, Northern Territory-NTGS Record 2023-013NTGSRec2023-013.pdf.jpg1 file
2023Stratigraphic characterisation of the Glyde package, greater McArthur Basin, Northern Territory-NTGS Record 2023-009NTGSRec2023-009.pdf.jpg1 file
2023Revision of the Neoproterozoic stratigraphic nomenclature of the Beetaloo Sub-basin, Northern Territory-NTGS Record 2023-0121 file
2023HyLogger drillhole report for 21LMDD001, 'Lake Mackay Project' Aileron Province, Northern Territory-HDP0116NTGS_HDP0116.pdf.jpg1 file
2023Summary of results. NTGS geochronology project: Detrital zircon LA-ICP-MS U-Pb results from the Warburton and Pedirka basins-NTGS Record 2023-0031 file
2023Mineral systems characterisation in the context of a new geological framework for the Rover field, Northern Territory-NTGS Record file
2023Compilation of 1:250 000 geology map series GIS-DIP041DIP041-Summary.pdf.jpg2 files
2023Critical Minerals in the Northern Territory 2023 [Japanese]--Critical-Minerals-in-the-Northern-Territory-[Japanese].pdf.jpg1 file
2023Critical Minerals in the Northern Territory 2023 [Indonesian]--Critical-Minerals-in-the-Northern-Territory-[Indonesian].pdf.jpg1 file
2023Critical Minerals in the Northern Territory 2023 [Korean]--Critical-Minerals-in-the-Northern-Territory-[Korean].pdf.jpg1 file
2023Sedimentological and petrophysical characterisation of the Birrindudu Basin, Northern Territory-NTGS Record files
2023The timing of sulfide mineralisation at the Reward, Rockface and Bellbird deposits, Jervois mineral field, Aileron Province-NTGS Record 2023-007NTGSRec2023-007.pdf.jpg1 file
2023Summary of results. Joint NTGS-GA geochronology project: western Warburton Basin, March 2022-February 2023-NTGS Record file
2023Warramunga Province mineral deposit series: Gecko Corridor 3D compilation and deposit atlas-DIP039DIP039-DepositAtlas.pdf.jpg3 files
2023Warramunga Province mineral deposit series: Nobles Nob 3D compilation and deposit atlas-DIP040DIP040-DepositAtlas.pdf.jpg3 files
2023Metamorphic evolution of the Aileron Province in Limbla-NTGS Record 2023-005thumbnail.jpg1 file
2023Top End basins excursion guide. Central Australian Basins Symposium IV (CABS IV), Darwin, August 27-28, 2022-NTGS Record 2023-004NTGSRec2023-004.pdf.jpg1 file
2023Henbury, Northern Territory : explanatory notes--1 file
2023Henbury, Northern Territory : sheet SG5301--HenburyGeol250k.pdf.jpg4 files
2023HyLogger drillhole report for ARDD0002, Such Wow prospect, Nimbuwah Domain, Pine Creek Orogen, Northern Territory-HDP0115NTGS_HDP0115.pdf.jpg1 file
2023HyLogger drillhole report for WRDD0131, 'Condor South', Nimbuwah Domain, Pine Creek Orogen, Northern Territory-HDP0114NTGS_HDP0114.pdf.jpg1 file
2023HyLogger drillhole report for SCDD2001, Scimitar prospect, Aileron Province, Northern Territory-HDP0113NTGS_HDP0113.pdf.jpg1 file
2023HyLogger drillhole report for NDIBK04, MinExCRC, National Drilling Initiative, Campaign 1, East Tennant, Northern Territory-HDP0112NTGS_HDP0112.pdf.jpg1 file
2022Mineral Development Taskforce Final Report--Mineral-Development-Taskforce-Final-Report.pdf.jpg1 file
2023A combination vanadium and rare earths discovery in northern Barkly--FosterAGES2023_presentation.pdf.jpg1 file
2023Annual Geoscience Exploration Seminar (AGES). Presentations and posters-NTGS Record 2023-002NTGSRec2023-002.pdf.jpg1 file
2023Central Tanami Project Joint Venture--McDiarmidAGES2023_presentation.pdf.jpg1 file
2023Folds, gold and critical metals: An Industry-Government-Academia reassessment of the Pine Creek Orogen in 3D--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2023Exploring for copper and critical minerals in the NT--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2023Rare earth element mineral systems of significance to the NT--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2023Secondary prospectivity of mine waste in the Pine Creek region: The search for critical metals--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2023New and improved geophysical and remote sensed data in the Northern Territory: 2022--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2023Stratigraphic and tectonic framework of the western Warburton Basin--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2023Phreaker prospect--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2023Unravelling overprinting tectonothermal cycles at the southern margin of the North Australian Craton--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2023Securing the future of copper, gold, and bismuth resources in northern Australia: A proposal for systematic mineral chemistry and event chronology of the Tennant Creek iron oxide-copper-gold district, Northern Territory--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2023A new interpretation sheds light on the evolution of the Beetaloo Sub-basin and its surrounds--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2023Source rock potential and petroleum systems of the Pedirka Basin in the Northern Territory--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2023Applying ANT in lithium exploration--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2023Mineral potential modelling of gold systems in the Tanami: A multi-technique approach to support the next discovery in the NT--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2023The late Palaeoproterozoic Glyde package across the greater McArthur Basin--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2023Discovery of red and gold metals in Tennant Creek for a green future--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2023Resourcing the Territory - future priorities supporting the Territory's economic revival--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2023Bluebird greenfields copper-gold discovery, Tennant Creek mineral field, NT, Australia--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2023An exploration update from East Tennant--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2023Geoscience information highlights: 2022-23--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2023Demystifying the Arthur Pope's prospect: REE, Y and Cu bearing carbonate-quartz veins in the Casey Inlier, central Australia--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2023Exploring for the Future program update: new data and information from northern Australia--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2023Highlights of mineral and petroleum exploration and development in 2022--thumbnail.jpg2 files
2023Understanding sedimentary basins in the NT: Insights from Birrindudu Basin, the Lawn Hill Platform, the Beetaloo Sub-basin, and the McArthur Basin--thumbnail.jpg2 files
Results 1-50 of 255 (Search time: 0.005 seconds).