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Title: 2011 Pedirka Basin 2D Seismic Survey - Digital Data
Title Holder / Company: Tri Star Energy
Report id: PR0102-0001
Tenure: EL24900;  EL24901;  EL24902
Year: 2011
Document Type: Seismic Data
Date Added: 2-Jun-2021
Appears in Collections:Petroleum Geophysical Surveys (PEX Geophysics)

Files in this Report:
File SizeFormat Add to
PB-04_HEADER_SEGY.txt2.7 kBText Add
PB-04_POST_STACK_MIG_FD.sgy45.82 MBUnknown Add
PB-04_POST_STACK_MIG_KRCH.sgy45.82 MBUnknown Add
PB-04_PRE_STACK_MIG.sgy45.82 MBUnknown Add
PB-04_RESIDUAL_STACK.sgy45.82 MBUnknown Add
PB-04_TRIM_STACK.sgy45.82 MBUnknown Add

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