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Title: 2011 Pedirka Basin 2D Seismic Survey - Acquisition and Processing Report
Title Holder / Company: Tri Star Energy
Report id: PR2011-0119
Tenure: EL24900;  EL24901;  EL24902
Year: 2011
Corporate Author: Terrex
Trafalgar Exploration Services
Abstract: The 2011 Pedirka Basin 2D Seismic Survey was carried out by Terrex Seismic for Tri-Star Petroleum Company within EL24900, EL24901 and EL24902 under the Minerals titles, within the Perdika Basin in the Northern Territory. The program consisted of 32.71km of seismic line, PB04, to determine the location of Permian coal within the Purni Formation as they approach the basin edge. Trafalgar Exploration Services was contracted to process and provide quality control the acquired seismic data.
The results proved that the Purni coals are present on the west side of the Basin and not confined to the eastern half. It also showed that the coals are shallow and continuous.
NOTEField and processed data (6GB) available on request.
Document Type: Seismic Acquisition
Seismic Processing
Date Added: 2-Jun-2021
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