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Title: East Mereenie 1 Log Data
Title Holder / Company: Magellan Petroleum
Report ID: PR2020-W007
Tenure: OP43
Year: 2020
Corporate Author: Katalyst Data Management
Drillhole/Well Name: East Mereenie 1
Spud date: 27/07/1964
Rig release date: 04/08/1964
Petroleum Field: Mereenie
Bottom hole formation: Goyder Formation
Geological Province: Amadeus Basin
Map250: Lake Amadeus SG5204
Map100: Gill 5249
Subjects: Basic log data
Document Type: Well Logs
Appears in Collections:Petroleum Wells (PEX Wells)

Files in this Report:
File SizeFormat Add to
Caliper_GR_Density_EastMereenie1.las275.36 kBUnknown Add
PR2020-W007_Caliper_GR_Density_EastMereenie1_Repeat_section-1.las56.44 kBUnknown Add
PR2020-W007_Caliper_GR_Density_EastMereenie1_Repeat_section-2.las57.34 kBUnknown Add
Delta_T_EastMereenie1.las281.36 kBUnknown Add
PR2020-W007_Delta_T_EastMereenie1_Repeat_section.las43.82 kBUnknown Add
GammaRay_EastMereenie1.las445.25 kBUnknown Add
MCAL_MI_MIN_EastMereenie1.las581.4 kBUnknown Add
SP_EastMereenie1.las733.54 kBUnknown Add

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