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Title: Sampling data from core taken in the Northern Territory
Report ID: CSR0503
Year: 2018
Author: Champion, D
Corporate Author: Geoscience Australia
Drillhole/Well Name: Lucy Creek 1;  Clarke Mine 1;  CMS2;  CMS4;  DDH003;  09CPD003A;  AL/D1;  AL/D3;  AL/D2;  DDH4;  POP10;  01CX1;  01CX7;  PWDDH1;  14MCDDH001;  14MCDDH002;  87CIIDH1;  87CIIDH2;  CY1;  DD91RC18;  DD91DC1;  DD91HC1;  DD95GC001;  MURD013;  MWSD05;  ND1;  ND2;  Broughton 1
COREDAT ID: 2666;  3106;  3100;  3098;  4448;  4292;  75;  76;  77;  893;  548;  3666;  3673;  1540;  4500;  4501;  263;  264;  4634;  331;  317;  1607;  302;  4308;  709;  364;  365;  1846
Geological Province: Arunta Region
Georgina Basin
McArthur Basin
Pine Creek Orogen
Map250: Alcoota SF5310
Mount Doreen SF5212
Tobermorey SF5312
Hay River SF5316
Arnhem Bay SD5303
Bauhinia Downs SE5303
Pine Creek SD5208
Fog Bay SD5203
Port Keats SD5211
Walhallow SE5307
Calvert Hills SE5308
Robinson River SE5304
Urapunga SD5310
Map100: Woodgreen 5753
Doreen 5153
Algamba 6253
Drury 6250
Mitchell Ranges 6072
Mallapunyah 6064
McKinlay River 5271
Fog Bay 4972
Fitzmaurice 4968
Kilgour 6063
Seigal 6462
Calvert Hills 6363
Selby 6464
Wollogorang 6463
Puzzle 6162
Flying Fox 5669
Subject: Geochronology
NOTESee also CR1972-0009, CR1981-0227, CR1982-0088, CR1982-0183, CR1983-0125, CR1984-0140, CR1984-0145, CR1988-0317, CR1990-0041, CR1992-0138, CR1992-0188, CR1994-0279, CR1995-0874, CR2002-0025, CR2009-0964, CR2010-0034, CR2014-1146, GS1971-002, GS1979-006, PR1967-0007
Document Type: Core Analysis
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