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Title: 2003 Final Report Playford Junction EL 28523
Title Holder / Company: Natural Resources Exploration
Report id: CR2013-0209
Tenure: EL28523
Year: 2013
Author: Munro, N
Abstract: Natural Resources Exploration's ('NRE') has carried out a detailed geological assessment over its Playford Junction Prospect, Exploration Licence (EL) 28523. To delineate prospective areas for phosphate, uranium and diamond mineralisation and define the next phase of exploration, NRE carried out extensive office-based studies including desktop reviews of all previous exploration across EL 28523 and its surrounding tenures in the Barkly region. NRE also attended the Darwin Core Facility with a view to analysing water bore cuttings held at the library. NRE carried out both XRF and ALS Analysis of water bores located within EL 28523 and within the region. Although not all water bores had cuttings available for testing, NRE was able to test one (1) water bore within the Playford Junction Prospect. NRE believes that the region is prospective for fairly shallow phosphate mineralisation. Under section 102 of the Mineral Titles Act and Regulation 63 of the Mineral Titles Regulations, NRE made application to the Department to amalgamate EL 28523. All future exploration activities conducted on this area will be reported under the replacement exploration licence number 29753.
Date Added: 9-Mar-2020
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