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dc.contributor.authorFulton, Ren_US
dc.contributor.authorPellatt, Aen_US
dc.description.abstractThis Combined Annual Report details work completed on EL 9979, EL 24607, EL 26185, EL 26451, EL 26452, EL 26584, EL 26585, EL 26586 and EL 28233 from 9 January 2012 to 8 January 2013. The tenements are held and operated by Minemakers Australia Pty Ltd and together with ML 27244, form the Wonarah Phosphate Project, with phosphate being the target commodity. In the reporting year, an RC drilling program of 84 holes for 4005 m and 1262 assays (including checks) was conducted over the Northwest, Arruwurra West and Highway North prospects the purpose being to better understand the distribution of phosphate away for the JORC resource areas and to attempt to define the extent of shallow phosphate mineralisation encountered in 2010. An updated mineral resource estimation for the project was completed and a Measured Resource was defined for the first time. The total resource for both Main Zone and Arruwurra now totals 842 Mt at 18.1 percent P2O5 (10 percent P2O5 cut-off) including 78.3 Mt at 20.8 percent P2O5. Hand-held XRF screening carried out on RC samples has not delineated any significant zones of yttrium mineralisation. Significant rehabilitation was also completed during the reporting year.en_US
dc.subject.classificationPhosphate rocken_US
dc.subject.classificationPhosphate depositsen_US
dc.subject.classificationRegional geologyen_US
dc.subject.classificationLocal geologyen_US
dc.subject.classificationRC drillingen_US
dc.subject.classificationDrill hole logsen_US
dc.subject.classificationDrill hole dataen_US
dc.subject.classificationGeochemical samplingen_US
dc.subject.classificationGeochemical dataen_US
dc.subject.classificationDrill cuttings samplingen_US
dc.subject.classificationAssay valueen_US
dc.subject.classificationMineral resourcesen_US
dc.subject.classificationResource assessmenten_US
dc.subject.classificationMeasured mineral resourcesen_US
dc.subject.classificationIndicated mineral resourcesen_US
dc.subject.classificationInferred mineral resourcesen_US
dc.titleGroup Annual Report GR097/09 EL 9979, EL 24607, EL 26185, EL 26451, EL 26542, EL 26584, EL 26585, EL 26586 and EL 28233 Wonarah Phosphate Project for the period ending 8 January 2013en_US
dc.relation.isatmap100Wonarah 6158en_US
dc.relation.isatmap100Coolibah 6057en_US
dc.relation.isatmap100Joildung 6157en_US
dc.relation.isatmap100Ranken 6258en_US
dc.relation.isatmap100Barry Caves 6257en_US
dc.relation.isatmap250Alroy SE5315en_US
dc.relation.isatmap250Ranken SE5316en_US
dc.relation.isatmap250Frew River SF5303en_US
dc.relation.isatmap250Avon Downs SF5304en_US
dc.relation.isatgeolprovinceGeorgina Basinen_US
dc.description.stratnameHelen Springs Volcanicsen_US
dc.description.stratnameThorntonia Limestoneen_US
dc.description.stratnameGum Ridge Formationen_US
dc.description.geochemicalsampling1262 RC samples (including checks)en_US
dc.description.drilling84 RC holes for 4,005 m (WNRC1688, WNRC1689, WNRC1690, WNRC1691, WNRC1692, WNRC1693, WNRC1694, WNRC1695, WNRC1696, WNRC1697, WNRC1698, WNRC1699, WNRC1700, WNRC1701, WNRC1702, WNRC1703, WNRC1704, WNRC1705, WNRC1706, WNRC1707, WNRC1708, WNRC1709, WNRC1710, WNRC1711, WNRC1712, WNRC1713, WNRC1714, WNRC1715, WNRC1716, W NRC1717, WNRC1718, WNRC1719, WNRC1720, WNRC1721, WNRC1722, WNRC1723, WNRC1724, WNRC1725, WNRC1726, WNRC1727, WNRC1728, WNRC1729, WNRC1730, WNRC1731, WNRC1732, WNRC1733, WNRC1734, WNRC1735, WNRC1736, WNRC1737, WNRC1738, WNRC1739, WNRC1740, WNRC1741, WNRC1742, WNRC1743, WNRC1744, WNRC1745, WNRC1746, WNRC1747, WNRC1748, WNRC1749, WNRC1750, WNRC1751, WNRC1752, WNRC1753, WNRC1754, WNRC1755, WNRC1756, WNRC1757, WNRC1758, WNRC1759, WNRC1760, WNRC1761, WNRC1762, WNRC1763, WNRC1764, WNRC1765, WNRC1766, WNRC1767, WNRC1768, WNRC1769, WNRC1770, WNRC1771)en_US
dc.contributor.holderMinemakers Australiaen_US
dc.identifier.collectionnameMinerals Exploration Reports (MEX)
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