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Title: Gosses Bluff Reprocessing Report 1986
Title Holder / Company: Magellan Petroleum
Report ID: PR1986-0057
Tenure: OP175;  OP178
Year: 1986
Corporate Author: Magellan Petroleum (NT)
Survey Name: Pancontinental 2D SS 1980 - 1982
Survey Lines: P82-GB1;  P82-GB2
Geological Province: Amadeus Basin
Map250: Alice Springs SF5314
Henbury SG5301
Hermannsburg SF5313
Kulgera SG5305
Lake Amadeus SG5204
Rodinga SG5302
Bloods Range SG5203
Mount Liebig SF5216
Mount Rennie SF5215
Abstract: Gosses Bluff is an astrobleme located in the Northern Central area of the Amadeus Basin, within OP175. It is roughly circular in plan and was formed by a comet impact on a pre-existing anticlinal trend. Gosses Bluff was the largest Pacoota gas prospect untested in the Amadeus Basin in 1986. Previous surveys within this area have revealed that the comets' impact might have resulted in a creation of huge fractured reservoir. Thus Magellan Petroleum has approached Western Geophysical to reprocess the lines P82-GB1 and P82-GB2, with the purpose of enhancing the events within the crater core as previous surveys revealed a poor data zone near the core.
Document Type: Seismic Processing
Appears in Collections:Petroleum Geophysical Surveys (PEX Geophysics)

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