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Title: 1964 Napperby Seismic and Gravity Survey - Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation Reports & Maps
Title Holder / Company: Pacific American Oil Company
Report ID: PR1965-0005
Tenure: OP81
Year: 1964
Corporate Author: Geophysical Associates
Survey Name: Napperby 2D SS 1964
Survey Lines: Line 1;  Line 2;  Line 3;  Line 4;  Line 5;  Line 6
Geological Province: Ngalia Basin
Map250: Lake Mackay SF5211
Mount Doreen SF5212
Mount Rennie SF5215
Mount Liebig SF5216
Napperby SF5309
Hermannsburg SF5313
Subject: Basemaps
Depth structure maps
Gravity data acquisition
Gravity data interpretation
Gravity data processing
Gravity interpretation results
Interpretation results
Interpreted seismic sections
Line diagrams
Navigation data
Processed seismic lines
Site surveys
Surveys operations
Velocity acquisition
Velocity analysis
Abstract: The 1964 Napperby 2D Seismic and Ground Gravity Survey was conducted by Geophysical Associates Pty Ltd on behalf of Pacific American Oil Company, within OP81 in the Ngalia Basin. OP81 is located approximately 30 miles of Yuendumu Mission. The purpose of the survey was to provide qualitative and quantitative information on the depth and distribution of the sediments in the Ngalia Trough. The gravity survey was conducted to investigate the possibility of salt accumulation near the major thrust sheets indicated by the seismic shooting.
The seismic survey was inconclusive and failed to determine if Cambrian or Ordovician strata existed. The gravity survey revealed the following. A northward gravity decrease is probably caused by a northward slope in the basin floor. Strong and local disturbances have their origins in strata not identified by seismic data. A possibility of Salt in the southern part of the basin and no anticlinal structures were identified.
Document Type: Gravity Survey
Seismic Acquisition
Seismic Processing
Seismic Interpretation
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