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Title: Mount Allan Seismic Survey and New Haven Seismic Survey - Seismic Acquistion & Interpretation Reports
Title Holder / Company: International Oil Proprietary
Report ID: PR1982-0037
Tenure: OP165
Year: 1982
Corporate Author: Seismograph Service
Petrocon Australia
Survey Name: Newhaven Mt Allan 2D SS 1981
Survey Lines: NI081-01;  NI081-02;  NI081-02A;  NI081-03;  NI081-04;  NI081-04A;  NI081-05;  NI081-06;  NI081-07;  NI081-08;  NI081-09;  NI081-10;  NI081-11;  NI081-12;  NI081-13;  NI081-14;  NI081-15;  NI081-16;  NI081-17;  NI081-17A;  NI081-18;  NI081-19
Geological Province: Ngalia Basin
Map250: Lake Mackay SF5211
Mount Doreen SF5212
Alcoota SF5310
Napperby SF5309
Subject: Acquisition operations
Coordinates and elevations
Interpretation results
Interpreted seismic sections
Isopach maps
Line listings
Navigation data
Surveys operations
Time structure maps
Velocity acquisition
Abstract: In 1981 Seismograph Service Ltd conducted a seismic survey within OP165 in the Ngalia Basin, Northern Territory for International Oil Proprietary. The survey was conducted in two separate areas, Newhaven and Mt Allan areas.
The Newhaven programme was to help define a structure which had been partially revealed by earlier surveys. FFF The Mt Allan programme was purely speculative, and was based on the results of an aerial gravity survey.
The record quality was generally good. The deepest reflector usually seen was thought to be the base of the Mount Doreen or the top of the Vaughan Springs series. No detail run-down of the results of these programmes were presented.
Document Type: Seismic Acquisition
Seismic Processing
Seismic Interpretation
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