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Title: 1987 Anacoora Seismic Survey - Seismic Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation Report
Title Holder / Company: Adelaide Petroleum
Allco Exploration
Arabasin Oil
Bridge Oil
Territory Petroleum
Report id: PR1988-0064
Tenure: EP1
Year: 1988
Corporate Author: Norpac International
Territory Petroleum
Abstract: Norpac International Inc. carried out the 1987 Anacoora Seismic Survey on behalf of Territory Petroleum NL (A wholly owned subsidiary of Adelaide Petroleum NL) within EP1, situated within the Pedirka Basin in the Northern Territory. A total of 182km of 30 fold seismic reflection data were recorded using the vibroseis technique. The main objectives of the survey were to detail the drilling a structural crest on the McDill's Anticline, to identify leads and prospects in the McDill's Anticline and to investigate an additional anticlinal feature, the Mt Daer Lead, prevousily identified. The acquired seismic data was sent to Digicon for further processing.
The interpretation of the Anacoora survey included the seismic data obtained from the 1985 Etingimbra Seismic Survey.
Strong reflector on down throw side of the McDills Anticline to the west, interpreted as being a thick sequence of Permian coal
Document Type: Seismic Acquisition
Seismic Processing
Seismic Interpretation
Date Added: 23-Mar-2017
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