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Title: 1985 Wallara (Wallera) Ranch Seismic Survey - Seismic Acquisition and Processing Report
Title Holder / Company: Sydney Oil
Report ID: PR1985-0040
Tenure: OP236
Year: 1985
Corporate Author: Western Geophysical
Douglass Exploration
Sydney Oil Company
Survey Name: Wallara Ranch 2D SS 1985
Survey Lines: S85-WR01;  S85-WR02;  S85-WR03;  S85-WR04;  S85-WR05;  S85-WR06;  S85-WR07
Geological Province: Amadeus Basin
Map250: Lake Amadeus SG5204
Henbury SG5301
Subject: Acquisition logistics
Acquisition operations
Environment and site reports
Field data
Gravity interpretation results
Horizon maps
Infield data processing and QC
Interpretation results
Interpreted seismic sections
Line listings
Processing data
Reserves estimation
Surveys operations
Time structure maps
Velocity analysis
Abstract: The 1985 Wallara Ranch Vibroseis Seismic Survey was carried out by Western Geophysical Company for Sydney Oil Pty Ltd in OP236. A total of 186km of seismic lines was acquired with the seismic data processing conducted by Hosking Geophysical Corp.
The data quality that was acquired was extremely variable but in the poor to fair range. Data quality appeared to be only partially related to the weathering profile.
Document Type: Seismic Acquisition
Seismic Processing
Seismic Interpretation
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