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Title: 1987 Dune Seismic Survey - Seismic Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation Reports
Title Holder / Company: Pedirka Petroleum
Macquarie Oil
Placer Pacific
Northern Michigan Exploration
Cluff Oil
Orca Petroleum
Report ID: PR1988-0054
Tenure: EP2
Year: 1988
Corporate Author: Norpac International
Survey Name: Dune 2D SS 1987
Survey Lines: S87DU-01;  S87DU-02;  S87DU-03;  S87DU-04;  S87DU-05;  S87DU-06;  S87DU-07;  S87DU-08;  S87DU-09;  S87DU-10
Geological Province: Eromanga Basin
Pedirka Basin
Map250: Hale River SG5303
Simpson Desert North SG5304
Subject: Acquisition logistics
Acquisition operations
Horizon maps
Interpretation results
Interpreted seismic sections
Line listings
Processing data
Point gathers
Preliminary stacks
Processed seismic lines
Reserves estimation
Statics corrections
Surveys operations
Time structure maps
Velocity acquisition
Velocity analysis
Well ties
Abstract: The 1987 Dune Seismic Survey was conducted by Norpac International for Sydney Oil Company within EP2. The survey consisted of 10 new seismic lines of 12-fold vibroseis data with a total distance of 136km recorded. Lines were shot in two separate structural provinces, the Dune and the Madigan trough prospects. The main seismic data processing was conducted by Hosking Geophysical Crop.
The survey was able to confirm the possible to potential of the Dune prospect to trap a significant amount of hydrocarbon accumulation to be commercially viable.
Document Type: Seismic Acquisition
Seismic Processing
Seismic Interpretation
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