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Title: 1973 Poeppel Corner Seismic Survey - Seismic Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation Report
Title Holder / Company: Reef Oil
Basin Oil
Capricorn Mining
Report id: PR1973-0008
Tenure: OP172
Year: 1973
Corporate Author: geophysical service international
Abstract: The 1972 Poeppel Corner Seismic Survey was carried out by Geophysical Service International on behalf of Reef Oil NL in OP172. This survey shows the location and outline of a large, uncomplicated structure where Permian growth can be seismically demonstrated. The survey has also disclosed several smaller structures. Approximately 18 miles of 1200% subsurface coverage and 244 miles of 600% subsurface coverage were obtained. The data was collected using 24 trace digital recording equipment.
The Processing of the Poeppel Corner survey lines along with the Reprocesing of the 1966 Perlanna Seismic Survey lines was conducted by Geophysical Service International as part of this survey.
Document Type: Seismic Acquisition
Seismic Processing
Seismic Interpretation
Date Added: 23-Mar-2017
Appears in Collections:Petroleum Geophysical Surveys (PEX Geophysics)

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