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Title: 1971 Three Corners Seismic and Gravity Survey - Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation Report
Title Holder / Company: Beach Petroleum
Report id: PR1971-0002
Tenure: OP177;  OP57
Year: 1971
Corporate Author: Geosurveys of Australia
Abstract: The Three Corners Seismic and Gravity Survey was carried out by Geosurveys of Australia Pty Ltd for Beach Petroleum in OP177. The survey consists of a total of 257.5km seismic lines of continuous single-fold reflection cover, along with 283.2km of gravity data were surveyed. Two continuous refraction profiles, with each being approximately 9.7km, were also recorded. The intent of the Three Corners Survey was to obtain an accurate seismic and gravity interpretation of Permian stratigraphy and structure in the south-east corner of the tenement, and in particular to locate areas of structural closure in the Permian where upper beds have been preserved.
The seismic and gravity data were processed by Geophysical Service International.
The prediction of thicker Permian and Mesozoic sections, and more important, minimal stratigraphic break between Permian and Mesozoic are confirmed for the Three Corners Area. The closed structures now determined in this area thus appear to be potential drilling targets.
Document Type: Seismic Interpretation
Seismic Acquisition
Seismic Processing
Date Added: 23-Mar-2017
Appears in Collections:Petroleum Geophysical Surveys (PEX Geophysics)

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