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Title: Beetaloo 2D Seismic Survey 2011 - Final Acquisition Report
Title Holder / Company: Falcon Oil & Gas Australia
Report id: PR2012-0003
Tenure: EP76;  EP98;  EP117
Year: 2011
Corporate Author: Geokinetics
Abstract: A 2D Land Vibroseis Reflection Seismic Survey totalling 470.685 linear kilometres was carried out in EP76, 98 & 117, on Beetaloo Basin from 1st September 2011 (first production shot) to 16th November 2011 (last production shot). The work was carried out under a geophysical contract between HESS Australia (Beetaloo) Pty Limited and Geokinetics (Australasia) Pty Ltd. HESS was acting on behalf of permit holder Falcon Oil & Gas.
Lines HAL2011-203, HAL2011-205, HAL2011-206, HAL2011-207, HAL2011-210, HAL2011-212, HAL2011-214, and HAL2011-223 initially approved by the client were sub sequentially eliminated, due to the wet season and project termination. The survey was completed in 2012 by Terrex and WesternGeco (refer to PR2013-0018).
NOTEField and processed data available on request. A hard drive must be supplied for requests over 50GB. Refer to seismic data list in PR0023-0002 for details.
Acquisition operations data is available from NTGS (1.8GB).
Refer to PR2013-0037 for processing information.
Document Type: Seismic Acquisition
Seismic Data
Date Added: 23-Mar-2017
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