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Title: 1992 McArthur River 2D Seismic Survey - Phase II - Seismic Acquisition & Processing Reports
Title Holder / Company: Pacific Oil and Gas
Report id: PR1993-0022
Tenure: EP18;  EP33;  EP23;  EP45
Year: 1993
Corporate Author: Western Geophysical
Geo Systems
Abstract: The 1992 McArthur River Seismic Survey - Phase II was carried out by GeoSystems Pty Ltd on behalf of Pacific Oil & Gas Ltd. Approximately 265.4km of 220 fold with 5.0m CDP interval, 440 channel reflection profiling was recorded. The survey area was located within EP18, EP23, EP33 & EP45 in the McArthur Basin east of Daly Waters and Elliott in the Northern Territory.
The field data was sent to Western Geophysical in their Singapore office for further processing. Upon receipt of the data, comparison tests were made on line MD92-59 for the selection of the optimum processing parameters . Based on these tests a sequence of processing was established with Pacific Oil & Gas and adhered to throughout the processing of all lines from the survey.
Document Type: Seismic Acquisition
Seismic Processing
Date Added: 23-Mar-2017
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