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Title: 1991 McArthur Seismic Survey - Seismic Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation Reports
Title Holder / Company: Pacific Oil and Gas
Report ID: PR1991-0079
Tenure: EP18;  EP19;  EP23;  EP24;  EP33;  EP52
Year: 1991
Corporate Author: Digital Exploration
Western Geophysical
Geo Systems
Survey Name: McArthur 2D SS 1991
Survey Lines: MA91-90;  MA91-93;  MA91-98;  MA91-99;  MA91-103;  MA91-109;  MA91-200;  MA91-210;  MA91-211;  MA91-213;  MA91-215;  MA91-217;  MA91-220;  MA91-221;  MA91-221B;  MA91-223;  MA91-223B;  MA91-225;  MA91-227;  MA91-230;  MA91-241;  MA91-250;  MA91-251;  MA91-261;  MA91-271;  MA91-294;  MA91-296;  MA91-600
Geological Province: McArthur Basin
Beetaloo Sub-basin
Map250: Daly Waters SE5301
Tanumbirini SE5302
Larrimah SD5313
Hodgson Downs SD5314
Beetaloo SE5306
Newcastle Waters SE5305
Subject: Acquisition logistics
Acquisition operations
Depth conversion
Field data
Infield data processing and QC
Isochron maps
Line listings
Navigation data
Preliminary stacks
Processed seismic lines
Processing data
Seismic stratigraphy
Shooter and coordinator reports
Statics corrections
Surveys operations
Time structure maps
Velocity acquisition
Velocity analysis
Well ties
Interpretation results
Abstract: The 1991 McArthur Basin Seismic Survey was shot by Western Geophysical Australia from April 1991 to August 1991, with a total of 895km of seismic data obtained. The seismic data was processed by Digital Exploration Ltd and Pacific Oil and Gas.
The main purpose of the survey was to delineate structures favourable to the accumulation of hydrocarbons.
Data includes operations and processing reports, logs, data.
Document Type: Seismic Processing
Seismic Acquisition
Seismic Interpretation
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